TikTok creators tell us where they come from with #Mosaic. Take a deeper look at this trend in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Trending on TikTok: #Mosaic

Everyone is a reflection of those around them, and this week, the TikTok community spent some time looking inward, and giving credit to the people who make up their #Mosaic.

Beginning with a video from user @joshuatreenationalpark - not to be confused with the actual National Park - the #Mosaic trend is endearing and thoughtful. In the trend, often set against a 639Hz track designed for meditation, users discuss the quirks, behaviors, phrases and actions that they've adopted from other people in their lives. Whether it's always making time for a midnight snack because of a childhood memory or taking on a signature style because of a specific friend, it's a self-aware trend that often brings out emotional responses.

#Mosaic showcases the diversity of content, genres, and creators that use TikTok. While content is often funny or light hearted, there are always moments where TikTok reminisces and supports one another in an earnest way.

Notable Video

Hot Track: Castaways

"Castaways," sung by the cast of Nickelodeon kids cartoon The Backyardigans, shows TikTok's ability to bring unexpected hits to light. The song, originally released in 2005, rocketed to the top of Spotify's Viral 50 chart as a result of its success on TikTok. This catchy tune can be used as background music or as inspiration for a comedic bit. But no matter how it's used, everyone agrees that this song is an absolute bop.


Y’all really onto something with this song though…. 🥵 #fyp #foryou #dance #costnmayor #castaways #backyardigans

♬ Castaways - The Backyardigans

Hot Effect: Nose Face

The Nose Face effect turns your nostrils into eyes with and adds an additional nose to create a classically hilarious visual and proving that the schnoz is the window to the soul.

Creator Spotlight: @inmyseams

As a proud Korean-American, Janette Ok creates content around style hacks and makeup, and also speaks on social issues. Showcasing her passion for fashion and beauty hacks, while educating the TikTok community, her content which focuses on diversity, size inclusivity, breaking stereotypes and shedding light on the beauty of her heritage.

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