On TikTok, our portfolio of video tools and effects power creativity and imaginative storytelling. Tools like Duet inspire chains of co-created content while creative effects like Green Screen make for immersive viewing experiences.

We’re combining the best of both worlds with the release of Green Screen Duet, a mashup of two TikTok favorites designed to inspire imaginative new formats for creativity and expression.

Existing Duet layouts include Left & Right, React, and Top & Bottom. Green Screen Duet is the latest layout addition to our lineup, giving users a new way to collaborate with existing content from across TikTok.

With Green Screen Duet, users will be able to use another video from TikTok as the background in a new video. As with all Duets, the creator of the Duetted video is credited in the new video's caption with a link that directs to the original.

To use the feature, users Duet the video they'd like to use as their Green Screen background and select Green Screen from the Duet layout options. The Duetted video will play in the background of your new video as you record.

Green Screen Duet expands on both our creative effects and collaboration tools, bringing new content formats and expanded creativity to our community on TikTok.

Here are some examples of Green Screen Duet in action:


#duet with @mariothemakermagician check out this #RubiksMagic @rubiksofficial #BrandAmbassador

♬ original sound - mariothemagician

#duet with @themikeandmoshow I just had to add to this!! #greenscreen #funnyduet

♬ original sound - Marcus DiPaola


#duet with @4ocean HAD TO JUMP IN THE WATER & HELP MY FRIENDS PICK UP SOME TRASH ♻️🤙🏼 #trash #ocean

♬ ya nasty - aniah💕