Today we're announcing that TikTok is partnering with the Trust and Safety Professional Association (TSPA) so that every trust and safety professional at TikTok will now have a membership to TSPA. Their membership allows them to access resources for career development, participate in workshops and events, and connect with a network of peers across the industry.

We strive to create an engaging and supportive work environment for our employees, and our safety team especially. The TikTok Trust and Safety team works to keep our platform safe and welcoming for our global community. They develop and enforce our Community Guidelines so that people can be creative and have fun on our platform without unexpectedly viewing content that violates our policies.

These employees are challenged with staying ahead of evolving violative content and making equitable and consistent policy and moderation decisions on potentially violative user-generated content. Providing access to well-being and resiliency programs is critical to supporting our employees through these immensely difficult challenges.

"We want people to feel comfortable and safe to create, share, and discover on TikTok, and the resolute work of our trust and safety team is essential to this goal," said Cormac Keenan, Head of Trust & Safety, TikTok. "It's vitally important that trust and safety professionals are supported, and we are absolutely thrilled to partner with TSPA to help our employees continue to grow in their careers and learn and share best practices with others in the industry."

Our partnership with TSPA reflects TikTok's deep commitment to the careers and well-being of our trust and safety employees.

“Online trust and safety is critical to healthy societal interactions, and it’s imperative to support the professionals who are doing this important work,” said Charlotte Willner, Executive Director of TSPA. “We are thrilled at having TikTok join as one of our annual supporters, and we look forward to welcoming TikTok’s trust and safety team to our membership.”

Our support of TSPA will also enhance the TikTok community by helping us continue to learn and iterate upon our approach to keeping people safe. For more on our work in this area, visit our Safety Center.