Latinx Heritage Month traditionally honors the cultures and contributions of Latinx Americans, and celebrates the rich heritage of all Latin American countries. On TikTok, during this month and all year long, we honor and pay tribute to the history, culture, and accomplishments of the Latinx community. Whether it's connecting with their culture, breaking down stereotypes, creating inspiring content, or sharing everyday family life, Latinx creators on TikTok are bringing joy to people across the country.

Hashtags & In-App Creative Effects

The community on TikTok continues to drive the growth of #LatinxCreated content through popular hashtags, including #Latino, #Latina, #Familia, #Comida, #Hispanic, and #FamiliaLatina, which grew +185% since Latinx Heritage Month 2020. The TikTok #FamiliaLatina of creators, artists, fans, and more include household names such as @jbalvin and @jlo, and 2020 TikTok Trailblazers @jennymartinezzz, @valentinebrothers, @devonrodriguezart, and more.

Starting September 15 you can share the stories of Latinx culture and community with all-new creative stickers. The stickers were created to celebrate the breadth and depth of Latinx culture, featuring images of beloved food, traditions, phrases, and more. To feature a Latinx Heritage Month sticker, open the Stickers tray after filming and add them on top of your video.

2021 Latinx Trailblazers

For Latinx Heritage 2021, we're proud to partner with Mitú to unveil our second cohort of Latinx TikTok Trailblazers. These creators are the next-generation of Latinx digital entertainment leaders, nominated by the community for their creativity, passion, and authentic spirit. Meet our Trailblazers below!

  • (Brooklyn, NY) - Bryan Hernandez is a first generation Dominican-American from Brooklyn, New York who always had a passion for the arts. With funny skits, crazy characters and dance, Bryan uses his talents to spread laughter, joy y todo lo bello de ser domincano.
  • @candylover89official (Riverside, CA) - Angelica Torres, a bilingual content creator who's focused on spreading positivity, was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to the U.S. when she was 11 and went on to start her own business at 16. She creates bilingual content such as fun makeup tutorials, makeup product reviews, beauty trends, and much more.
  • @hellotefi (Brooklyn, NY) - Tefi was born and raised in Miami, Florida and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. Pop culture obsessed, Tefi turns the daily happenings in Hollywood into fun and engaging storytelling.
  • @iamsofiabella (Las Vegas, NV) - Sofia Bella is a third grade teacher, cheer coach, and content creator. Her viral TikTok channel is filled with day-to-day snippets of life in her classroom alongside her long-running Bad Bunny fandom.
  • @leogonzall (Los Angeles, CA) - Leo Gonzalez is a content creator based in Los Angeles, California. He creates short video skits based around different characters and situations – everything from news reporters to your average grocery store employee – but he also focuses on his primary character, "Junior."
  • @lexdelvalle (New Jersey) - Alexia Del Valle is a 23-year-old Puerto Rican from New Jersey. She recently graduated from college, where she got her start on TikTok by using the app as a creative outlet to express her humor and represent her culture.
  • @jonnym0rales (Wilmington, NC) - Through his light-hearted and comedic lifestyle videos, Jonny highlights the beauty in bridging cultural diversity, found in the relationships people have with one another. As he celebrates his Mexican heritage by making content showcasing popular Hispanic dishes, snacks, music, traditions and more, he frequently and proudly invites his Mexican mother and American girlfriend along for the ride.
  • @juixxe (San Diego, CA) - Jesús is a first generation Mexican immigrant and Latino creator who wants to give more to the Latino community through his social media platform. He collects donations from his followers to help support street vendors -- in the past year he has given out over $110,000 in cash donations to vendors throughout Southern California.
  • @msnewslady (Washington D.C.) - Jeannette Reyes is a morning anchor at FOX5 in Washington D.C. The daughter of Dominican immigrants, she is a proud Afro-Latina who uses her platform in both Spanish and English to educate her followers about what it means to be a first-generation American who’s proud of her Latino roots.
  • @nycgaydad (Brooklyn, NY)- José Rolón is a single gay Puerto Rican father of three living in New York City. He’s considered a new voice in the Latinx and LGBTQ+ space bridging the gap between both cultures while remaining relatable to all families.
  • @saltycocina (Maricopa, AZ) - Ana is a mother and grandmother who took to TikTok to share her traditional childhood recipes, with the goal of creating a visual cookbook for her children so that she'd always be able to guide them in the kitchen.
  • @thealgorythm (Brooklyn, NY) - As an Argentinian immigrant, Agustina utilizes her worldly POV to provide cultural context to the latest fashion trends while promoting emerging fashion talent (especially Latin American designers). In 2019, after losing her dream job, Agustina became an entrepreneur and in December 2020, started on TikTok to talk about her passion for trends.
  • @thejourneyofabravewoman (Plano, Texas) - When she was just 20, Peruvian born Marcela Marañon survived a fatal accident that killed her boyfriend and left her paralyzed with a lower leg amputation. She later became the first disabled Latino woman to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and is a pioneer in exoskeleton technology. Marcela has a deep drive to change the world and how disability and accessibility are viewed.
  • @vanessafpena (Los Angeles, CA) - Vane is a queer, Venezuelan nonbinary creator who uses their lighthearted humor to entertain their viewers. They love to tell stories to make their fans laugh, and they post relatable content about growing up Latinx.
  • @vicblends (Atlanta, GA) - Victor Fontanez is a 22-year-old celebrity barber and entrepreneur whose aim is to motivate, inspire and become the next leading positive voice for this generation of entrepreneurs and content creators. The work he is most proud of is giving free haircuts to strangers in public, as well as philanthropic endeavors in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Be on the lookout for interviews with our Trailblazers throughout the month and be sure to follow @TikTokCreators to see more!

[Trailblazer illustrations created by Brazillian artist Niege Borges for TikTok's Latinx Heritage Month celebration]

Latinx Creatives

Off of the success of our TikTok for Black Creatives pilot program, TikTok is continuing to invest in the development, amplification and economic opportunity of diverse creators and emerging artists through the TikTok Latinx Creatives program in partnership with MACRO. 150 Latinx Creatives will be selected to partcipate in our sessions starting this October and as a part of the 10-week program, Latinx Creatives will have access to mentorship and career-building opportunities to advance their creator journey.

Celebrating la música

Latin music is a large and growing genre in the tapestry of music on TikTok, with a diverse musical community in its own right. The community vibes to the latest Reggaeton hits from active TikTok artists like J Balvin, Sech, and Karol G, but TikTok has plenty of time for traditional genres like Mexican norteño ("Espejeando" by Los Tucanes De Tijuana), hard-charging merengue (the immortal "Kulikitaka Ti"), and more. This summer, TikTok reverberated with the sounds of hits like Farruko's "PEPAS" (1.7 million video creations), El Alfa's "La Mamá De La Mamá" (1 million video creations) ft. CJ & El Cherry Scom, and "Se Acabó De Cuarentena" (13.9 million video creations) by legendary Reggaetoneros Jowell y Randy.

This year, the Latinx Heritage celebration kicked off with a special pre-month TikTok LIVE performance from J Balvin, the global superstar and the most-followed Latinx artist on the platform. Entitled JOSE x TikTok and featuring performances of songs from his new album JOSE, the LIVE performance aired on Sunday September 12th, with a re-broadcast on September 13th.

In addition to the Balvin performance, TikTok's Music hub will program curated playlists throughout the month that highlight the full spectrum of Latin music. Along with traditionally Latin genres like Cumbia, dembow, and Pop Urbano, the playlists highlight the contributions of Latin artists to genres like Rock, Indie, and Electronic. Also, be sure to tune into TikTok Radio throughout the month to hear some of our Latinx Trailblazers guest DJing and sharing their personal playlists.

LIVE programming and events

Throughout the month, TikTok will be hosting weekly LIVES to highlight creators, musicians and public figures from the Latinx community. From September 15 - October 15, we will launch a variety of themed programming featuring Latinx creators on TikTok, celebrating themes from "La Comida" to "La Cultura Pop" and ending with "El Grand Finale." We will also have an in-app hub with LIVE information, Nuestra Comunidad (Trailblazer spotlights), Escucha (playlists), and a special section for Latinx Businesses.

Supporting la Comunidad

We know there are more ways to support and celebrate the community beyond programming and entertainment, which is why we are donating $250K to 9 organizations supporting causes important to the community, including career development, family support, education, and more. We also continue to strengthen our partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF), a non-profit established by the White House in 1987, through #CreciendoconTikTok, a $150,000 grant fund aimed at expanding and elevating 30 small Latinx businesses across the U.S.

Join the Celebration!

We're putting the spotlight on our community of incredible Latinx creators on TikTok -- this month, and every month, we’re #LatinxCreated. So get involved and we’ll keep creando, juntos.

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