When Milly got electrocuted, her life changed forever...

An amputee, Milly, is taking to TikTok to share her story.

Learning to walk again. 👟

Learning to invest in herself. 📚

Learning what matters to her in life. 💖

From showing her latest workouts with her running blade, to giving insight into how life is for an amputee, Milly has never been happier as she takes on the world with one leg which she shares via her channel with inspiring videos. 

Her message is simple: life goes on and you can find happiness again, whatever you go though. 😊 

We sat down with Milly (@millypickles1) to chat about what sharing her experiences on TikTok means to her. 

What do you love most about TikTok?

I think TikTok has enabled individuals to be so creative with their content, really switching up the game on social media. 

I love how it is a place where a lot of people can relate to one another, showing their true authentic self instead of showing a highlight reel.

The content on Tik Tok is so diverse - entertaining, educational, informative and more.

It has enabled me to share my journey since becoming an amputee, showing people my life as an amputee and being an example of how life goes on and you can be happy again regardless of what you go through.

I've been able to connecting with thousands of people across the world and I've built friendships with people through TikTok who I wouldn't have known otherwise

Why is TikTok right for your content?

My goal in life is to help as many people as possible, it is super important to me. Tik Tok is the perfect place for this because I'm able to engage with people, respond to comments with videos and more. I also love how if you have a good piece of content, it actually goes viral. This is great because it enables me to have further reach and help more people in turn. I'm also a very conversational person so the fact it is strictly video content really suits my personality.

What is your ultimate goal on TikTok?

To show people that no matter what you go through, it will get better and it is possible to be happy again. 

I also aim to help individuals understand more about my disability as an amputee. As well as help other amputees, knowing they can relate someone because when I became an amputee, I didn't have this. I want to be that person for others.

Who do you follow on TikTok and why? What is on your TikTok feed?

​My Tik Tok feed has a mixture of:

  • Comedy
  •  Cooking videos
  •  Gym workouts
  •  Fashion styling outfits

Some people I follow and why:

  •  coleandersonj - he does lip syncs and they are incredible. He is a great actor and super funny!
  • alexsedlak1 - I really enjoy his positive, spiritual and motivational mindset
  • everything_delish - the content really motivates me to be more creative with my cooking

What is your favourite TikTok video you have made to date and why?

The Tik Tok about my journey since being electrocuted and losing my leg. I showed vulnerable photos of me when I was in hospital, before I was having my leg amputated and more. It was quite emotional seeing it like that in a video and how far I have come. The response I got was overwhelming and I'm super grateful! Please see link below.

@millypickles1 is one of many TikTok creators living with disabilities who are sharing their experience and inspiring stories. We did a TikTok creator spotlight Q&A with Lucy Edwards, a presenter, reporter and TikTok-ker who dispels the myths about living with blindness on here inspiring account. 

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