Meet Lucy Edwards. A Presenter, Reporter and TikTok Creator. 🎤✍️📻

A make up and fashion lover, Lucy doesn't let anything get in the way of a good story, or getting that perfect cat-eye. 

Least of all, being blind. 

Using her TikTok as a place to educate others on what it's like to lose her sight, Lucy dispels myths about blindness and shows us all that being blind does not get in the way of leading a very normal and full life. 

Have you ever wondered how a blind person reads a map, plays video games or films a TikTok?Lucy takes us through the tasks and routines of her daily life, showing us how blind people do things differently, while educating us on the importance of disabled parking, braille and much more. 

She also offers up tips on how to greet a blind person and why it's so important not to stroke a guide dog - giving us all a different perspective on life as well as practical things we can do to help others. 

Let's hear some more from Lucy...

What is your goal on TikTok?

My goal is to reach as many people as possible and collaborate with other #LearnOnTikTok creators. I also want to normalise disability by collaborating with brands because I want to make disability mainstream. I really do love what I have created on my section of the app and I am so happy and privileged.

What do you love most about TikTok?

I love that I see anyone and everyone on my feed. I feel like I fit in because the community is so diverse. TikTok to me is how the internet used to be when I was younger. I find so many new creators every day. It is honestly so refreshing!

Why is TikTok the right fit for your content?

I can make short snappy information in a fun way in order to change attitudes and educate. I realised that I never knew about disability until I became a disabled person. We aren't told how capable, independent and valuable disabled people are and I wanted to show the world that you can do anything in this life. I love making videos because even though not everyone who watches is blind we all come together in the knowledge that no matter whatever life throws at us we can make the best of what we have. 

I love that I can remind people every day that you should love yourself and never give up on yourself because I didn't when I became blind. I lost my eyesight but not my vision. 

Who do you follow on TikTok – and why? / What is on your TikTok feed

Dr KaranR and Dr Julie Smith fill my feed. I love what they are doing. I also love skin care - I am that girl that watches hours of skin care TikTok! Skin care by Hyram is fabulous. 

I try and immerse myself in other creators content so I can learn how they live life in order to better myself and see other points of view.  It is so important to be humble and find different corners of TikTok because you will never be in another persons shoes or know what they are personally going through.  

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

Blind girl does her own makeup is by far my favourite TikTok I have made so far. I had so much fun filming with my sister and fiancé. It was so chill. We chatted as I applied my makeup and it is a skill that I am so proud that I can master with no vision. It really shows what I am about and want to encourage everyone to never stop dreaming. 

At first glance of anything you may have someone in your life that says you can't do something. It may be that society really disapproves of something you personally feel really passionate about. I am here to remind you that just because something feels out of reach it doesn't mean that it is for you. Look at the bright side even if, like me, you can't see the sun.

You can follow Lucy over on her account @lucyedwardsblind to keep up with her journey and inspirational videos. 

Lucy is one of the many important contributors to #LearnOnTikTok, our dedicated programme that facilitates experts, educators, non-profits and real-world skills creators to develop an ecosystem of educational TikTok content. Check out our new TikTok ad - 'The A-Z of TikTok' - which celebrates this new initiative and get to know some of our leading TikTok educators.

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