TikTok is home to millions of amazing and inspiring women who have made our platform what it is today. 💫

From musicians and make-up artists, to sports stars, chefs and entrepreneurs, all over the world women are using TikTok every day to entertain, to inspire, to educate and to be voices for change on TikTok and beyond.

So this year, to celebrate International Women's Day, we're shining a spotlight on the incredible, fierce women our platform has to offer, recognising their talent and their contribution to what we love most about TikTok.

Introducing.... TikTok's trailblazers🔥

Let's meet the women leading the way on TikTok, busting myths, changing perceptions and inspiring us all! We asked each of them what International Women's Day means to them. 

First up.... It's T0niT0ne

Our go-to lady when we need a boost to our self-confidence! Toni delivers bite-sized self-care tips and advice, to inspire and empower her fans to be the best version of themselves!

"International Women’s day is about celebrating women. It’s not simply about celebrating the work of women, or successful women. It’s about all women. It's about recognising the value and contributions women make in society. It’s about celebrating the greatness and the uniqueness of women."


Evie Meg is a 19 year old who uses her platform to raise awareness about what her life is like living with tics. Through fun vlogs including cooking tutorials she educates the community, while busting myths about Tourettes.

"International Women's Day is a chance to celebrate and support all that women have achieved and to look to the future with hope that equality and bias towards gender can be eliminated. As a disabled women I would like to challenge other women to rethink what they feel they are limited to and aim higher."


Two sisters who are determined to show the world that sisterhood is everything! The pair post real life content of their relationship and adventures together, even taking on some of TikTok's newest challenges while talking openly about what life with Cerebral Palsy is like and helping to educate the TikTok community. Follow for some feel good content dedicated to sisterhood!

"International Women's day is an opportunity to honour the women who inspire us daily. Who fight for equality whilst oozing positivity. The strong women before us, who have given us the confidence to be ourselves, and succeed at life. It makes us proud to be women."


Education is key to inclusion. Please go and watch our latest YouTube Video ❤ ##cerebralpalsy

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Tammi is a talented TikTok makeup artist who inspires her thousands of followers with her incredible makeup looks. From rainbow eye shadow designs and colourful false lashes to taking on exciting new aesthetics Tammi can create a confident look with just the flick of a makeup brush.

"To me it’s a lovely way of celebrating women and everything we contribute to the world. It’s a day to reflect on what past trailblazing women have done for us but to also let all women know they are appreciated, valuable and very much needed."


Mythical Peach is a body acceptance warrior, using her platform to spread body positivity and love in all shapes and sizes. Check out her profile for buckets of confidence, colour and style inspo to boot.

"For me, international Women’s day is a time where we can reflect and look back on the women of the past. It’s a time where we get to celebrate how far we’ve come. It’s also a time we’re we get to think of the future and the women of this time who are paving the way for future generations. It also gives me hope that one day my daughter/s will grow up in a world which will no longer hold them to the stereotypes we were subjected, and that they will be considered for there character and capabilities. This years theme “Choose to Change” is so powerful and it’s something that so many of us can get behind and support! "


Stormzy's own stylist just HAS to be one of our trailblazing women. Melissa gets us lusting for luxury with her chic outfits and gorgeous, inspirational style content.

"TikTok has aided me in getting my creative juices flowing. It has really provided me with a space where I can create somewhat artistic looking videos in the simplest of ways that make my normal everyday life look cinematic."


23 year old para-athlete Milly Pickles lost her right leg in an accident, but that won't stop her taking on international sporting competitions, brand deals, and inspiring and educating the TikTok community about what life with a disability is really like. Milly is a superstar and one to watch!

"International Women’s Day is so important as it is a day we can celebrate all women regardless of age, gender, disability, race, backgrounds and more! The fact we have a day to celebrate women shows how the world is becoming more of an equal place - it is incredible. I’m so proud and happy to say that I am not only a woman but a disabled woman."


I acc wnna thank my family, friends and Gymshark 😂❤️ ##amputee ##accident ##motivation

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Not every hero wears a cape... Cue scrubs and a hijab! Dr Nighat is one inspiring woman. A keyworker helping fight the pandemic on the frontline, she uses TikTok to educate us about the real facts about Covid-19 from symptoms to vaccinations. And she's doing an amazing job opening up a conversation about women's health too? A worthy trailblazer !

"International Women's day allows everyone globally to celebrate the women in their lives and all their roles. A woman is powerful but the challenges of equality, diversity, appreciation and upholding dignity of all women still needs enforcing around the world. The aspirations of women still needs to be kept alive and for me International Women's day allows that, because until we have equality between the genders nothing changes. "


As a ##doctor I hear so many myths.Please do not believe these myths. Wait till the last one 😂 ##mythbusting ##womenshealth ##learnontiktok

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Poppy Cooks

A Michelin trained chef who is soon to publish her own recipe book, Poppy brings quirk and charm to all of her TikTok recipes - from cheesy stuffed potato pancakes to baby fries or savoury watermelon salad. Give her a follow for all your foodie inspo needs!

"Having come from a mostly male-dominated industry, I've experienced first-hand how important it is for women to push to have a voice in making change. There are so many incredible women within the food industry - but unfortunately - there's still not enough representation. Genuinely the most exciting thing that has come out of TikTok for me, is having the younger generation, including many young women, reach out to ask how to get into the industry and also telling me how they're inspired from my content. It blows my mind to think people might actually look up to me, but it inspires me to keep pushing to be a female with a voice in the industry!"


Oh baby these Papa Rellenas stuffed potatoes are absolutely incredible 😍🇨🇴 ##80potatoes ##colombia ##southamerican ##paparellenas ##stuffed ##potatoes

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Want laughs? Follow Overload Comedy for hilarious standup, duets and relateable role plays that will get you rolling on the floor in no time at all. And if you can't get enough, she even has merch! Now that's a woman with humour and business acument...

"It's the celebration of women's achievements all around the world. Whether it is cultural, economical or political, it takes a lot of different factors into place. It's about women's achievements and empowerment. It means a lot of things, it means that women cannot and should not be judged just because of their gender. It's about women being the best that they can be without anything blocking their way. It's about raising awareness about woman equality."


Amber Louise's dulcet tones and fun fact videos have got us hooked! From singing about sandcastles and snow to showing us how to make keyrings, there's a ton to learn and love about Amber Louise and her colourful TikTok.

"International Women's Day is very important to me. It's so empowering to see women coming together on such a large scale to share our struggles, and I think it's an incredible thing to see that we all have so much support for each other, no matter who we are or where we come from."


Bella Priestley is a transgender teen who's showing up for the trans community on TikTok - sharing the struggles of opening up to friends to encountering transphobia at school. Bella is inspring us all to be loving, open and most importantly - ourselves - whoever that may be!

"The thing I love the most about being a tiktok creator is the fact I inspire young people to be themselves and to be confident in who they are. The best thing in the world is when I get to meet people who have supported me for a long time and they tell me how they love my videos it always makes my day. Another great thing is all the the new friends I have made along the way,it really feels like a community and I’ve made some life long friendships all through tiktok."


True story 🤟😃 also please comment questions about being trans I want to answer some questions in videos❤️ ##trans ##uk

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The five-time record holder and world champion is no stranger to freestyle, with her videos and TikTok LIVEs gaining huge popularity. Whether it’s how to do netflicks, doing tricks with her mobile phone or comedy videos about what type of fan you are, Liv can teach you a thing or two!

"International women's day means a lot to me. It's a day to celebrate the amazing women that came before us and paved the way. But, it's also a day to recognise the work that's still to be done. As a woman climbing the ranks of a predominately male populated industry I'm faced with challenges relating to my gender far too frequently. So, my wish is that on a day like international women's day we can unite and choose to challenge."


This is the energy I'm coming out of this last lockdown with, I swearrrr 😁⚽️

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A trans woman and proud activist Ilia users her platform to educate, inspire and get greater recognition and acceptance of being trans. Her light-hearted and entertaining videos busy myths about being trans, while empowering us all to be confident in the skin we're in!

"Being a Tiktok Creator for me is all about creativity, letting your voice be heard and most importantly having fun! I absolutely love the community I have created with my supporters. I have met so many amazing people , while creating videos to uplift my community and make others laugh! Tiktok has changed my life for the better! "


Fashion forward Violet serves up tons of styling tips and inspo - from how to wear the latest puffa jacket trend through to how to wear white. No outfit challenge is off the cards, including how to recreate Bridgerton-looks! Violet is all about helping women look and feel great.

"International women’s day is a special day that we get to celebrate how incredible and dynamic we are as women. It’s a day to admire our constant resilience, strength and celebrate our achievements. We often times feel like we’ve not done enough, but we women underestimate how powerful we are. This is the day to celebrate that power as a woman."


Maddy is an NHS doctor who serves up everything from comedy skits to on-the-way-to-work karaoke sessions through to top tips she's learnt from A&E, like how to deescalate situations. Her authentic content has helped her become a TikTok sensation, with over 480k followers.

"Celebrating being a woman, reminding ourselves that we are valid, wonderful, capable, powerful people. The future is female!"


Ways I’ve seen masks worn - With clean hands place it over your nose and mouth and leave it alone! ##dr ##mask ##frontline ##greenscreen ##hospital ##nhs

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Shavonte is an inspiring make-up artist who uses her TikTok profile to share her striking looks with her 174k followers; from dramatic glow ups to her powerful visual creations. Shavonte is all about creating bold and colourful looks that ooze confidence.

"I love being a TikTok Creator as I get the freedom to create and showcase who I am whilst doing what I love. People are able to learn about beauty and see that beauty comes in all forms. Personally, my art has no bounds and I love how freeing that is."

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