The TikTok community continually foster a joyful atmosphere for users on the app - while funny videos and dance challenges are certainly a key part of this, the growing number of TikTok mental health accounts and videos are bringing a new level of support and joy by breaking down barriers and bringing this important conversation to the forefront. 

There are many barricades when it comes to mental health in general but it’s an even greater stigma for men. That’s where the Outta Puff Daddys come in! They’re all about promoting men’s physical and mental health and breaking down stereotypes. They’re a group made up father’s and they love busting a move as much as they love busting down the status quo. 

They originally set up the group in 2012 to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer UK and still do a lot of work to make sure those conversations are still happening. They constantly encourage their followers across all platforms to get themselves checked and to spread awareness to others too.

Outta Puff Daddys are just one of the many diverse creators who have received support from the $70 million European TikTok Creator Fund designed to help talented TikTok-kers carve out a career on the platform. From Tuesday 1 September, TikTok creators will be welcome to apply for the fund via the app providing they meet some initial criteria.

They practice every week together to get their dad dancing routines down to a fine art! And, other than their amazing charity work, the best thing about them is that they never take themselves too seriously. They don’t only stoke the conversation about mental health and encourage people to express their feelings, they promote having a good time and making sure they’re always having a laugh together!

Outta Puff Daddy’s have also performed on the BBC and other large venues - so if you’re looking for some dad dancing at an event you’re putting on (that isn’t by your own dad) then you know who to call!

Want some more dad dancing in your life with essential TikTok mental health advice to boot? Download TikTok for free from Google Play, Apple Store or Amazon, sign up and get involved today!