TikTok creators showed their crafty skills with #ThriftFlip. Take a deeper look at this content in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Current Top Trend: #ThriftFlip

Over the last several months, we've seen the growth of content related to "thrifting," or buying gently used goods at places like thrift stores, garage sales, or flea markets. While this category has always been popular on TikTok, it recently culminated in the #ThriftFlip trend, combining thrifted items with creative craft making as a side hustle.

Thrifting has been an ongoing topic on TikTok, however, side hustles are more popular than ever before. Alongside accounts dedicated to buying the latest Nike releases and searching for Pokemon cards at Target, "flipping" for profit has also entered the spotlight. Creators take old or worn down items and refurbish them to fit a modern style that's ready to be sold.

#ThriftFlip is the latest example of people turning to TikTok for economic advice and inspiration.

Notable Video

Hot Track: Hayloft

Mother Mother's 2008 song "Hayloft" has seen a resurgence on TikTok with the help of a new trend that shows two forces at odds with one another. The featured portion of Hayloft in this trend starts acapella before an emphatic chord is played halfway through. This makes the song perfect for depicting a change in attitude or revealing a new character in the video.

Hot Effect: Psychedelic Clown

There's never been a better way for creators to show that they've been made a clown. This effect makes it simple for anyone to join in on the trend of depicting yourself as this circus performer.

Creator Spotlight: @fatraco0n

Jax James uses her voice and platform to spotlight topics ranging from her own South Sudanese culture, to racism and feminism. She focuses on activism on and off of TikTok, and believes her calling is to care about and help others.


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