TikTok creators rediscover their love of pop punk music! Take a deeper look at the content with this new feature in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Current Top Trend: The Resurgence of Pop Punk

This week, we're taking a step back to focus on how nostalgia is driving renewed interest in a music genre that r​esonates with audiences both young and old.

TikTok's soft spot for alternative rock, specifically pop punk from the early to mid-2000's, has become apparent over the last few weeks. Many of the tracks surging in-app first came to prominence in the mid-2000s, coinciding with the teenage years of users who would now be in their mid twenties to early thirties. And with the outside world a tad difficult at the moment, nostalgic songs from our past can function as reminders of simpler times, or even make us feel younger for a few short seconds.

All Time Low's 'Dear Maria, Count Me In' spawned a trend where users explained that they never went through an emo phase, but rather, joined a lifestyle. Simple Plan's "I’m Just A Kid" led to a trend where the community recreated their own vintage family photos. And Paramore's "All I Wanted" has been used in thousands of videos covering practically every genre.

The caption to the video which spawned the All Time Low trend is especially notable stating, "in search of pop punk tiktok." This video speaks to the way that TikTok can spawn communities by prompting like-minded users with similar interests to find one another, helping some relieve their youth, while providing an introduction to a genre to new audiences. TikTok is all about communities, and "pop punk tiktok" is just the latest example of a subculture gaining mainstream popularity.

Notable Video

Hot Track: How to Save a Life

The Fray's 2005 hit "How to Save a Life" is finding new life on TikTok as the soundtrack to a popular new trend where couples lovingly poke fun at each others quirks. Starting with the chorus lyrics "where did I go wrong," each video ends with the creator's significant other or friend being adorably quirky. From a spouse getting brain freeze or performing unique dances, this trend shows appreciation for the weird habits of the people we love.


at least life is never boring. 💁🏻‍♀️ (who started this trend? i think it’s so funny and can’t find the original to tag them!)

♬ How to Save a Life - The Fray

Hot Effect: Love Outline

Just in time for Valentines Day, Love Outline lets creators add a heart themed outline to their videos.

Creator Spotlight: @taylorcassidyj

The authentic changemaker and Black TikTok Trailblazer, @taylorcassidyj, is making a name for herself on TikTok with her inspiring Black culture content and creative techniques for teaching Black history. From her educational series Fast Black History to her hype videos of other Black creators called Black Girl Magic, every day brings something new and exciting.


THE STORY OF: Mum Bet!👸🏽👸🏽 The First Free Black Woman in Massachusetts ‼️#blackhistory#blacktiktok#americanhistory#justice

♬ Lemons - Demo - Brye

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