TikTok users learned how to occupy their cat's attention with #LaptopCat! Plus Doggface208 gave everyone some much needed vibes, creating a video that was seen all across the world. Take a deeper look at content form trends in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects below.

Current Top Trend: #LaptopCat

Cat owners of TikTok came together to overcome a common issue they face on a daily basis, their furry friends stepping on top of their laptops.

The trend started with a video by @bestcoastbaby, who discovered that if you give your cat their own laptop, not only will they stop walking on yours but they'll look like a little businessman. The combination of problem solving and adorable pets created an engaging video that other cat owners could replicate. Cat owners across TikTok have found success with this technique using real laptops, tiny fake laptops, and even books.  

The rise of the #LaptopCat shows that cute pets still reign supreme on TikTok and the internet at large. 


He’s got a lot of business to take care of now 😂

♬ original sound - That bitch

Notable Video

Hot Track: Funny Thing

Thundercat's song "Funny Thing" has delivered much high quality vibes to the TikTok community. This track is the perfect backdrop for videos featuring the creators recounting moments they were vibing. 

New Effect: Royal Crown

Royalty has arrived!


Lebron James was heated 😂 ##dannygreen ##nba ##ballislife ##lebron ##thebubble @dunk @ballislife @houseofhighlights

♬ original sound - ashley

Creator Spotlight: James Jones

James Jones, AKA @notoriouscree, is a Cree hoop dancer who's making wave on TikTok by performing traditional dances and educating users on his Cree heritage. Jones dances in full regalia giving a unique take on trends and costume transitions among his humorous, entertaining content. In addition to sharing his culture, Jones' has used TikTok to connect with other indigenous users around the world.


This remix is my favourite right now, had to try another transition to it. ##indigenous ##nativetiktok ##nativepride ##dance ##transition

♬ original sound - Tia Wood

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