Booking weekend getaways, or days of retail therapy, may seem a distant memory now but there's plenty of TikTok travel and outfit inspiration to keep us going through lockdown. Hashtags like #travelinspiration and #SummerOOTD are booming as we all dream of jetsetting away on holiday and dressing up to enjoy an evening out with friends.

One of the fashion, travel and lifestyle bloggers who has kept us inspired through lockdown is Leonie Hanne. An established name in all things fashion, having founded popular fashion website Ohh Couture, she's recently joined TikTok to give us a flavour of her style and staycations. 

So far she's made us all jealous with her romantic Italian getaways, incredible shoe collections, and has been giving us some great #tiktokfashion advice and inspo with her creative outfit styling videos

So today, we've sat down with Leonie to talk all things fashion and travel on TikTok in the latest our TikTok Creator Spotlight series!

How did you first start out on TikTok, and what made you choose the platform?

I joined TikTok this year actually when lock-down began, but I have been working as a luxury fashion content creator for the past 5 years after leaving my corporate career to pursue it full time. 

I started working initially as a blogger but have always tried to develop my content and engage with different audiences, so it made perfect sense to move to TikTok as it is having such a huge impact on content creators at the moment. I have noticed that more brands than ever are looking for TikTok style content toi include in their campaigns.

What was the first video you posted on TikTok? 

My first video was about life in quarantine! I was just having some fun getting to understand the platform.

So having started relatively recently, how did your following grow- was there a breakthrough video or moment?

My following has grown hugely over the past 3 months, I have a pretty big following on other channels, but it is very different on TikTok as audiences get to see my videos who perhaps have not seen any of my content before and aren't following me.

There was a shoe video we did that seemed to really inspire a lot of users and brands to get in touch. It was such a simple idea but it looked really effective.

Given your background and focus, what specific content works well for you/your audience? 

Luxury fashion is at the heart of my content, but I get to show a lot more of my personality through TikTok and really experiment creatively with it. The same is true with fashion brands using TikTok, they are really embracing a more playful and relaxed aesthetic.

I like to surprise my audience too, we recently did a cloak of invisibility video in homage to Harry Potter that was super fun to make!

How do you engage with your audience and new followers?

The great thing about TikTok is that you get feedback immediately, so you can see straight away the content that your audience really engage with. I always try to respond and create content they will love, but I also really like getting involved with different trends on the platform but put my own spin on then.

So as a fairly 'new' creator on the platform, what tips would you give someone starting out on creating or editing TikToks?

Don't be afraid and jump right in. I worried too much in the beginning about making perfect content, whereas it is a really safe space to experiment and try new things. 

Also, just spend time on the app consuming what is there to see, there is honestly so much on TikTok to inspire you. Take trends and make them your own!

So what’s your favourite TikTok you've made?

I really love this video- it was super fun to make and it's the kind of video that just works so well on TikTok rather than on any other platform.

Having gained over 400k followers in just a few months, what would be your top TikTok tricks to making it big?

Definitely focus on the quality of the content, not just the overall performance of the post.

We've noticed you like to use a range of TikTok sounds and tracks on your videos, but what are some of your favourite trends or tracks to create to?

What I love is that there is always a new feature, a new challenge, a new track emerging on the platform that suddenly becomes really popular with the community; so I don't think I have a favourite, as there are new ways to be inspired all of the time! TikTok is always throwing you a new content idea.

And finally, what do you love most about TikTok?

The personality and the people! I have really been able to have so much fun creatively since joining TikTok, I love that I get to show a side to myself that my audiences haven't necessarily seen before. Also I love that anyone can join TikTok and start creating, and you don't have to have a huge following to spark something really exciting and new. Through TikTok I have been exposed to a completely new creative community, that just weren't in my sphere of influence before; which I just so exciting for me as a content creator as the opportunities are endless.

Be sure to check out Leonie's videos on TikTok- here's some of our favourites!


Getting ready for the @prada ##PradaSS21 digital show. 🧡 ##tiktokfashion ##fashionweek ##pradamultipleviews Anzeige/Tag @edwardspict

♬ Originalton - dannero


I like shoes - @aquazzura_official 🤍##aquazzura ##tiktokfashion ##fashion Anzeige/Tag

♬ I like shoes - heartthrobert

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