If you've spent any time watching TikTok comedy or sports videos, we're sure you'll have come across Jeremy Lynch. He's racked up millions of views on his unique comedy skits and football tricks. ⚽️

Originally a football freestyler, Jeremy has become a leading TikTok creator after unleashing his unique spin on football comedy for almost a whole year now. While that doesn't sound long, in that time he's gained over 3.2 million followers thanks to his quirky mix of sports, comedy and topical content, as well as his creative take on TikTok's video tools

So in the second installment of our TikTok Creator Spotlight series, we're bringing you an exclusive interview with Jeremy where he discusses his own TikTok tips for going big and favourite videos on the app!

So Jeremy- how did you first start out on TikTok, and what made you choose the platform?

  • I am a content creator and have been making videos for over ten years now, but I love the creativity that TikTok offers, it is a really unique and great place to be. It's quick, it's fun and TikTok gives anyone the opportunity to get creative even if your background isn't in video making.

What style of  video do you prefer, and what works best for your TikTok followers - sports, comedy or challenges?

  • I love to really experiment with my content and try all different things; but the best videos are always those that immediately grab the audiences attention, like my recent #Backinthegame video. This was really simple concept but had such a visual impact from that very first second. I also find anything with a sense of humour performs well! I try to keep my content pretty light hearted and positive. 

You've now got over 3.2 million followers on TikTok- how do you engage with all of them?

  • I think the best way to engage is to keep sharing consistently. Recently I have started doing a lot more tutorials and the reaction has been incredible, so that has been a really great way for me to engage with my audience too.

You make great use of TikTok's editing tools and unique features- what tips would you give to someone looking to get started on creating or editing TikToks?

  • Just experiment with the different tools in app, but also, you can get some amazing results with just yourself! I did a tutorial recently where I was literally just moving backwards and forwards from the camera changing masks and the result looked really advanced, but it was a super simple technique.

Tough question... But what’s your favourite TikTok you’ve done?

A lot of your videos use recent trends or topical humour- what are your favourite trends or tracks to create to?

  • I tried to mix it up. It's always fun to join in with the big trends that are kicking off on the platform and that helps to build your audience, but I do a lot of original stuff too. When other creators start using your sounds and recreating your videos, that's when you know you have really nailed it!

And finally...what do you love most about TikTok?

  • The creativity and the community; my audiences are really supportive and positive so it makes it much easier to put content out there, it is also such an amazing space to be inspired, because there are so many great videos being made and shared all the time.

Interested in seeing more of Jeremy's TikTok videos? Take a look at his channel @jeremylynchofficial, or check out some of our favourites below!

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