We've all taken up new hobbies since the pandemic started... playing the guitar, baking banana bread or even knitting... 🍞

But what about a new skill that could save a life? 🚑

The British Red Cross and TikTok have teamed up to launch the 'First Aid Toolkit'.

The @firstaidtoolkit is a brand new TikTok Channel, featuring TikTok Doctors Dr. Alex, Dr. Julie, Dr. Emeka and Dr. Karan Raj sharing vital skills, to help you in a first aid emergency.

It might come as a surprise, but many of your store cupboard favourites can be used in First Aid! From a tea towel, to orange juice or clingfilm, the First Aid Toolkit is an online first aid course that aims to teach us how to step in and step up with first aid skills.

As we all stay at home, learning skills like this has never been more vital.

Research from the British Red Cross has shown that just 5% of UK adults have the skills and confidence to provide first aid in emergency situations. But over half (58%) of UK parents say they have faced a first aid emergency at home.

So when you're next reaching for the flour for another batch of banana bread, why not take 5​ to learn a skill that lasts a lifetime... ❤️

Psychologist, Dr. Julie, adds that learning first aid is a great way of helping others and boosting your own wellbeing at the same time.

“Helping others can help you too - from lowering your stress levels to boosting your self-esteem. Research shows that giving back can improve your health and give you a new sense of purpose.”

Speaking about the First Aid Toolkit, A&E Doctor, Dr. Emeka says:

“Teaching yourself something new can be a great way to take your mind off feelings of stress and anxiety - particularly if it is something that will help you make a difference.

“Why not stop whatever you are doing now and check out the British Red Cross’s First Aid Toolkit on TikTok? First aid is the most important life lesson you will ever learn.”

Surgeon Dr. Karan Raj points out that, when it comes to learning lifesaving skills you need, look no further than your kitchen cupboard!

“Survival skills aren’t just learning how to make a fire from scratch or only applicable in the wilderness,” says Dr. Karan. “It can be in your kitchen!”

“It just takes a few minutes to learn some potentially life saving skills to help you and those around you.”

The First Aid Toolkit is part of #LearnonTikTok, an educational programme built to make learning accessible to anyone, anywhere. From life-saving hacks to science tutorials, motivational tips and quick cooks, British Red Cross is the latest #LearnonTikTok partner, helping to make first aid accessible to TikTok's community.

The partnership follows on from a TikTok LIVE carried out last year with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Dr. Anna Blakney. This was designed to combat misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, further keeping the TikTok community safe and healthy.


How to help someone with a strain or sprain, with @dralexgeorge . ##learnontiktok ##firstaid

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How to help someone who may be having a stroke, with @dr.karanr . ##learnontiktok ##firstaid

♬ original sound - FirstAidToolKit

If you're new to TikTok and eager to put aside the sourdough to learn some first aid skills, you can get involved in a few very simple steps. You just need to download the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon and sign-up!