TikTok is a place where people come to learn, be inspired, be entertained and find a community. Every day we're in awe of our amazing creator community and the incredible content they make.

2021 was the year of feta pasta, Mia the cat, football, ABBA and sea shanties, and we can't wait to see what's in store for 2022! So with this in mind, we're shining a spotlight on the rising stars of TikTok who we know will be making waves this year on, and off, the platform.

From social activists and aspiring chefs to footballers, comedians and sustainable stylists, the twenty two chosen creators that make up our new Creators to Watch list, have established over 4.4 million followers collectively on the platform and have each grown in popularity on TikTok in the last 12 months.

We have high hopes these unique and talented creators will go from strength to strength in the year ahead, while wowing, entertaining and inspiring our community of users in the process. There's big footsteps to follow, with TikTok breakout stars like trainspotter Francis Bourgeois, dancer and content creator Tega Alexander, and cookbook chart topping chef Poppy O'Toole are among some of the TikTok creators who have previously gone on to become house hold names.

Without further ado, here's who they are, and how to follow them. Let's meet TikTok's 22 biggest up and coming creators . . .

The 22 TikTok Creators to Watch in 2022

@chrisgrave (409k followers) Manchester based Chris is a makeup artist who has been wowing our community with his high concept looks. We're also loving his Get Ready With Me content, and his custom made fashion pieces.

@zai_rambles (92.6k followers) Zai is an actress who has been recommending antiracist films, tv shows and books to our community. Through her content, she's been emphasising the importance of diversity, particularly in the film industry, along with how you can be a better antiracist ally.

@miraalmomani (64.3k followers) If you like to be adventurous with your sartorial choices, then Mira is one to follow! Her fashionable ensembles using luxury pieces and slow fashion items have been generating thousands of likes and views.

@sugarcoatedsisters (223.8k followers) Tabby and Chloe are a musical comedy duo from Brighton. After both getting dumped, they started posting TikTok parody videos about heartbreak, and have been making us chuckle with their comedy content ever since!

@andreacheong_ (129k followers) For those looking to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion, it can be tricky knowing where to start. Luckily, Andrea has been sharing her expert knowledge with our TikTok community, and teaching us how we can all shop more mindfully through her Mindful Monday Method.

@ellaellaw (162k followers) Ella is an emerging TikTok creator based in Newcastle. Through her content, she has been raising important awareness around autism and LGBTQ+ issues.

@ninatame (8.1k followers) Nina is a councillor and disability mentor. Based in Southend, she's been breaking down stigmas around what it means to be disabled, and educating our community on the importance of wheelchair etiquette.

@melissaswardrobe (101.4k followers) Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, travel...Melissa's TikTok has it all! We can't get enough of her aspirational content, from make up routines and outfits, right through to luxury weekends away.

@dailyfreckles (81.8k followers) Originally from Birmingham, Joshua has been taking TikTok by storm with his fashionable ensembles. He's been showing our community how fashion can be more inclusive, and that you don't always need to play by the rules!

@rebeccamolloymakeup (193.8k followers) Dublin based Rebecca has been serving serious looks on TikTok! Alongside the perfect date night makeup and Sunday skincare routine, she's been going all out with her catwoman and statue inspired transformation.

@yhkayla (81.2k followers) Keen to get the laydown on all the latest beauty updates? Michaela's content is a treasure trove of all the latest products and looks that you simply need to try!

@_jesswatkins (135k followers) An amateur female footballer from Surrey, Jess has been racking up the views with her football related content. A main driving force behind the #contentballers, she first started on TikTok during lockdown, and has been going from strength to strength ever since.

@vernahungrybanana (99.3k followers) Verna is a self-taught amateur cook who has been showcasing her incredible recipes. Having moved from China to the UK when she was five, she isn't afraid to be creative in the kitchen.

@iamstevegray (115.6k followers) Steve has been dazzling us with his jaw dropping football skills. A professional football freestyler, he was selected as the first ever British judge for the Official UK & Ireland Freestyle Football Championships in 2017.

@nunodaman (216.2k followers) Noah is an actor, rapper and content creator from Merseyside. His football related sketches about the struggles of being a football fan have been particularly popular on the platform.

@victor.kunda (469.9k followers) Victor grew up in South London, and is responsible for some of the most viral TikTok videos. With his signature dead-pan style, he's been captivating our community with his satirical content and we expect big things from him this year.

@gdiddlydog (454.1k followers) Grace is an actress and writer whose comedy sketches have quickly gained traction. She has over 21 million likes, and it is clear to see why from her relatable content, from that relative that always asks about your love life, to the friend who takes Monopoly way too seriously.

@mehekbukhari06 (71.7k followers) Mehek has been making waves with her cultural commentary and her relatable content on TikTok. She's been inspiring our community with her positivity and we can't get enough!

@curriegoat (254.2k followers) From rugs, to handbags and trainers, London based designer Denzel's creations are seriously incredible. He also posts behind the scenes videos on how he creates all of his intricate designs.

@pelenewell (91.2k followers) With over 1.7 million likes, Pele is one of our hottest creators! From football to Drag Race, his content with multiple transformations and effects is seriously jaw dropping.

@sxmplyni (705.3k followers) Have you eaten yet today? Ni's content has a whole range of brunch, coffee and cocktail ideas, all inspired by the different food cultures which he is most excited by.

@neyyfun (355.2k followers) Nathan is a food content creator who has generated a huge following on TikTok for his epic recipes. From french toast to perfectly cooked steak, he's been showing us that mouthwatering meals don't need to be complicated.

James Stafford, Head of Partnerships and Community at TikTok said: "Creators are the lifeblood of TikTok, fuelling entertainment that ranges from the every day to the extraordinary, starting trends and even shaping culture. The creativity, diversity and authenticity of the creators featured in this list demonstrates the important role TikTok is playing as a breeding ground for a new generation of creative talent in the UK.

"The beauty of TikTok is that anyone and everyone can be a creator, all you need is the spark of an idea and our 1 billion strong community of users will do the rest. I hope this list of emerging creators helps inspire more individuals to start creating content on TikTok."

What some of the chosen creators had to say:

Grace Long: "I've always loved writing comedy and making little sketches. Then I downloaded TikTok and saw how funny everyone was being, and I really wanted to be involved. I'm an actor, which means I never work, so having a platform where I can write and act in whatever I want, and people enjoy watching me do it, has been really lovely."

Mira Al-Momani: "Being stuck in lockdown on and off for over a year is really boring - TikTok looked like a bit of fun! I started posting styling videos and countdowns with different looks. It made me reevaluate my wardrobe, pushing me to create outfits with pieces I hadn't worn in a while and showcase emerging designers. I now have over 64.3k followers which is incredible!"

Nigel Kabvina: "I decided to start creating content as a way to stay in contact with my mother during lockdown - I would make fancy plates and send them to her and then one day I decided to upload a picture and my friends were so shocked they begged me to make video tutorials. I loved how easy to use TikTok was, and still is, when it comes to uploading content. My mum is still the first one to see all my plates before I post!"

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