This year, we have all needed some more #wellbeing in our lives. From lockdown to self-isolation, and everything in between, we have been challenged both mentally and physically. 

Separated from those we love, confined to our homes, this year has taken its toll, and more of us than ever are struggling with our mental health.


But though times have been difficult, now, more than ever, people are turning to TikTok to share support, guidance, and tips to help each other. 

From inspiring stories about personal mental health journeys, to the #lifehacks that helped get us through lockdown and beyond – there has been an outpouring of support from the TikTok community as we look to turn up for each other and ourselves during these most difficult of times. 

This is why we are delighted to introduce you to our network of wellbeing heroes who will be offering mental health and wellbeing advice, sharing experiences or simply doing what they can to put a smile on your face! Their unique  #mentalhealth and #wellbeing content, will help our TikTok community weather the storm. 


If you’re young, old, or somewhere in the middle, our TikTok wellbeing warriors will have something to offer you…


@scarcurtis is a writer, activist and feminist, who has been open about her struggles with her mental health, including anxiety, PTSD and depression. She turned to TikTok during lockdown to share videos of her and her family and has given tips to users about reaching out if they are in crisis.


For the last year I’ve been working with SHOUT - a free, 24/7 anonymous text line that is there to help YOU in a crisis 💙 ##shout85258

♬ Shout 85258 by Marc Rebillet - GiveUsAShout

@thisisiona Iona shares positive content around eating disorder recovery, her videos include recipes from around the world and her approach to recontextualising food, removing the stigma associated with food groups.

@florence.simpsonn is a body confidence warrior based in Portsmouth. She joined TikTok in May 2020, with the simple ambition to fit back in her jeans and capture her journey. Encouraging people to love their bodies and stay away from fad diets, she shares her wholesome recipes, workout tips and honest accounts of her daily life. Find out more about how we've come together to support body positivity on TikTok.

@outta_puff_daddys are a Brighton based dad dance troop formed in 2012 to raise awareness for men's mental health and prostate cancer, through breaking down gender stereotypes and having some fun. Read more about the inspiring @outta_puff_daddys story.

Emerging creator @t0nit0ne delivers bite-sized self-care tips and advice to inspire and empower her fans to be the best version of themselves.

@drjuliesmith is one of our most well-known TikTok psychologists, who has been sharing mental health tips, creating a safe space for her users to learn about anxiety and depression in an open and inclusive way.

Yoga teacher @thewellnesscoach talks us through everything from self-love and care to spotting the warning signs in a relationship. She knows that we don’t have to have it all figured out to lead a fulfilled and happy life. 

Queer creator @itslilyrose is here to help us love the skin we are in – whoever we are! From body positivity to LGBTQ+ issues, activism and everything in between. She’s here to help us through with her style and humour. 


##pov : the girl that you like finally builds up the courage to ask you out on a date. Little do you know she hasn’t come out yet. ##fyp ##acting ##viral

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@guernseytourettesguy is a dad who has tourettes and ADHD who is working to raise awareness of his conditions with humour. His hilarious videos shine a light on what it is like to live with tourettes, and how he interacts with his son - from making pancakes to showing a tic attack in action.

@lucyedwardsblind gives insight into what the everyday is like for a blind person. Full of humour and insight, she educates TikTok on everything from how to politely greet a blind person, how a guide dog works, how a blind person chops food in the kitchen, and much more.

@cheethamswithdreams are sisters who believe in having open and honest discussions about disabilities on TikTok to open up the conversation, inspire and spread awareness of cerebral palsy. Becky is a 23 year old children's nurse and she often answers questions on TikTok about her sister Hannah's celebral palsy. Discover more about the inspiring @cheethamswithdreams story here!

@dr.karanr is an NHS surgeon and a Lecturer at Imperial College who creates content around interesting medical facts and busting myths, helping people better understand their health like how to spot anxiety and manage it. 

@scarrednotscared is a life coach and author of ''Am I Ugly?" where she describes her childhood experiences of life-threatening health problems, long stays in hospital and fifteen complex surgeries that left her scarred, both mentally and physically. She uses TikTok to encourage people to love their body and embrace who they are, sharing messages of positivity and support to her community 


There’s just something about fresh air, animals and some human company too ##MoveForMentalHealth ##WMHD ##WMHD2020

♬ Become the Warm Jets - Current Joys

@zach_clean is a recovering addict, entrepreneur and father, who uses TikTok to share his recovery journey, such as how he manages feelings of insecurity and explaining the evolution of addiction. His videos help others stay motivated and debunk myths around addiction. 

@maxselwood shares his personal tips for coping with anxiety and addressing toxic masculinity and misconceptions around men and mental health. 

Leicester-based @lianaandconnor have taken TikTok by storm, documenting their lives through funny pranks, story-times and challenges. Mental health is an issue that's close to their heart, having struggled with anxiety themselves, and want to make sure that mental health is taken as seriously as physical health. 

Ariana and Cassie of @embodyhealthldn  the self proclaimed dancing dieticians, are spreading positive vibes and healthy eating habits to help the followers find food freedom and feel fantastic in their own skin.

Together we can kick-start a bigger conversation about mental wellbeing in our community. So join us this World Mental Health Day and #MoveForMentalHealth! Head to the TikTok safety center for more information on TikTok safety and digital wellbeing. 

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