Every February in the UK we celebrate LGBTQIA+ history month. It's a month to spotlight and celebrate the history of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. It is also an opportunity to highlight the ongoing issues the LGBTQIA+ community face globally 🌈 ❤️

The LGBTQIA+ community are an intrinsic part of TikTok's global creative community and bring so much talent, authenticity and joy to our platform.

At TikTok, we celebrate diversity every day and recognise that sharing your authentic self isn't always easy. So this year in recognition of LGBTQIA+ History Month and in celebration of our inspiring LGBTQIA+ community, we wanted to shine a light on some of our incredible creators from the LGBTQIA+ community who are promoting self-expression, pride and inspire creativity, positivity and unity across the globe daily.

Alongside promoting authenticity and acceptance, our LGBTQIA+ advocates are raising awareness around important issues and taking time to educate our community - helping us all be more informed, more supportive and better allies.

That's why as well as spotlighting some of our incredible LGBTQ+ creators, we're also launching our TikTok Unpacks series collaborating with partners including Stonewall, PinkNews, Gay Times and Openly News to learn more about Queer moments in History and the impact of Queer culture and Queer figures on the UK today. To run alongside this, we'll be promoting our #LGBTQHistory hashtag and running a number of LIVEs exploring Queer histories. You'll be able to find all this and more on our LGBTQIA+ Hub, featuring all of the incredible LGBTQ+ history month content from our creators and partners in one place.

Ultimately, people of all sexualities, identities and gender expressions should not only be accepted but also celebrated, so join us in celebrating LGBTQIA+ month and check out our 15 must-follow LGBTQ+ creators 🌈

@inter_sexy(1.5k followers)

Dani is intersex and proud. Currently studying at Oxford, they are super keen on raising awareness of issues facing marginalised communities wherever they are and successfully campaigned to get Oxford University to raise the Intersex flag for Intersex Awareness Day. They use their page to create positive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and educating their followers on trans visibility.

@inter_sexy 🚨 CIS ≠ REAL 🚨 All women are REAL WOMEN, not all real women are CIS WOMEN 💃🏼🌹 Let’s get this argument cleared up!! #intersex #trans #LGBTQIA #bi ♬ original sound - Dani Coyle

@2deafgirls (160.4k)

Duo Becky and Immy who share relatable relationship content and skits about life as a deaf couple. Immy and Becky regularly challenge stereotypes and highlight the intersection between disability and sexuality. Not only that but they regularly use BSL to make their videos accessible for the deaf community, and those who would like to learn.

@kai_isaiah_jamal (3.5k followers)

Kai is a non-binary creator sharing their journey of self-acceptance and using humour to challenge misconceptions. Our favourite content has to be watching them walk for the recent Mugler campaign and answering their most asked questions from their followers while looking as cool as ever.

@kai_isaiah_jamal don’t really do up sad tings. but started 2021 in a mental breakdown, ending it on a high. proud of u kiddo 🌹 #mentalhealth #lv #fyp ♬ Pope Is a Rockstar - Sales

@elliemedhurst (44.8k followers)

Need to learn more about LGBTQIA+ history in a fun and engaging way? Say no more, Ellie is your girl! She shares the history of lesbian hair and where the word lesbian originated from. We can't wait to read her book that's being published this year!

@mx_fortune (7.1k followers)

we're in awe of Mx Fortune's talent and incredible drag looks. They regularly show their transition videos to raise awareness of trans people's journeys, and encourages their followers to have the courage to come out and live their truth.

@evolutionofelliot (35.6k followers)

Elliot has been sharing his journey transitioning, as well as skits on what life is like as a trans man. If that wasn't enough, Elliot is also a singer and regularly shares covers and original songs that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

@djkrystallake (417.8k followers)

Krystal is an LGBTQ+ activist who uses her platform to teach the things schools don't cover. She calls out homophobia and racism as well as educating her followers on the issues facing marginalised groups and moments in history that have impacted women, people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community.

@levidoherty_ (21.5k followers)

Levi is a bisexual creator who shares skits and lip-sync videos that challenge bi-phobia and make you laugh. His confidence is inspiring and he encourages his followers to stay true to themselves and embrace their identity.

@totallyprincessjasmine (61.7k followers)

Jasmine is a desi, trans creator who celebrates the trans community and shares her own transition with her followers. Her funny skits help to spotlight trans every day experiences and breakdown misconceptions.

@therealasherah (55.2k followers)

is a singer, songwriter, and trans activist. They regularly amplify trans issues and voices, shedding light on the importance of unlearning inner transpobia.

@brownnskinbarbi (362.1k followers)

Tammi regularly shares comedic videos about being a trans woman. Her content also focuses on her experiences after coming out to her family and the importance of trans women putting themselves first and knowing their worth!

@anukiraha (90.4k followers)

Anu is the Tamil LGBTQIA+ body advocate you need to follow! She shows the importance of living as authentically as possible, and why we need body positivity.

@glow_with_ola (26.3k followers)

Need an expert guide to walking in heels? Ola has got you covered. Ola calls out racism and homophobia daily, and he doesn't shy away from sharing his iconic looks and embracing his identity whole-heartedly.

@decandendz (41.6k followers)

Keen to learn more about fashion and want to try sustainability-conscious pieces? Check out Dendzi. Dendzi is a black, LGBTQ+ creator and TikTok's resident king of style. He channels his self-expression through his immaculate outfits, so check out his daily OOTD looks and get inspired!

@decadendz the boots weren’t the only thing puuuring…#ootd #lgbt #fyp ♬ original sound - Timbaland

@prishita_eloise (1k followers)

Prishita is a non-binary creator who is all about educating people about LGBTQIA+ issues such as ending pinkwashing during pride month. They also regularly speak about social issues to raise awareness and challenge prejudice.

@prishita_eloise working with the police in organising a protest makes zero sense. protest is inherently anti-establishment. #humanrights #fyp #acab #protest #staysafe ♬ original sound - Best of Podcasting

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