It’s officially the spookiest time of the year - #Halloween 2020 is here! The clocks have turned back, the temperature has dropped and the only thing left to do is to cosy up on the sofa to watch your favourite scary film or engage in some socially distanced Halloween activities. 

Sweets and spooky snacks are a staple of the Halloween season. While 2020 might be a slightly different affair to normal, there’s always ways to be creative when it comes to the kitchen and the TikTok community with their vast array of foodie tips and mouth-watering recipe ideas. 

Whether you’re a chef extraordinaire or your cooking skills rarely stray beyond the buttons on the microwave, there’s a Halloween recipe here to suit every culinary level - no spells necessary!

If you’re a peanut butter lover, @fitwaffle has just the Halloween treat for you! These super cute (or scary) spider halloween cookies will make a great addition to your spooky spread!


Peanut Butter Spider Cookies! Halloween Recipe ##halloween ##cookies ##fitwaffle

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If you don’t know your pumpkin from your spice don’t sweat it, here’s a recipe that literally anyone can pull off! These sweet potato pumpkin faces require next to no effort but the results are out of this world.

Cinnamon is the spice of the season - tasty, warming and a real treat - cinnamon rolls are a halloween favourite. But add some pumpkin into the mix and you’ve got yourself a Halloween baking session! These look delicious but don’t forget to share your attempts to compare.

Rice Krispie treats are a childhood classic that people of all ages can enjoy! And they come with the added bonus of being soooo easy to make as demonstrated here by @maverickmother!

Need something to wash that down with? How about a glass of butter beer?! @milkteamali has made a recipe to make this Harry Potter beverage come to life - and it tastes just as good as you imagined. Ps - it’s alcohol free so everyone can have a glass! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, check out the latest challenge that’s been sweeping the app - #DracoTok.

If you’re looking for something a bit more on the healthy side, why not try this delicious pumpkin soup? Seasonal, spooky and super good for you!

These cream cheese pumpkin breads are an adorable savoury snack to add to your Hallowe’en recipe repertoire!

There’s room to experiment with these chocolatey creations so get your creative witches hat on! You can fill them with whatever you like - maybe try out some savoury fillings to surprise your senses.

No spooky season would be complete without pumpkin pie so why not give these pumpkin pie cheesecake bars a try? They may look fancy but they’re surprisingly easy to make - get your apron out and give it a whirl!

Bubble tea is the craze turned addiction that everybody loves - so why not give your favourite beverage a pinch of Halloween magic? This pumpkin spiced bubble tea will change your world for the spookier!

If you’re a foodie then TikTok is the right place for you! Revisit our #LearnOnTikTok foodie lowdown which details the best TikTok food creators and videos to dive into.

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