TikTok creators make the "bumps" with the #adultswim trend. Take a deeper look at this content in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Trending on TikTok: #adultswim

TikTok creators paid homage to Adult Swim's classic visual style and comedic "bumps" that are synonymous with the channel’s aesthetic.

Each video leveraged the laid back vibes of Vano 3000's "Running Away" that lead to a bass drop at the end of the sound, signaling the reveal of an [AS] logo. By tapping into nostalgia, beautiful images, creative writing, and the anticipation of a reveal at the end of each video, creators in this trend used several key elements of engaging content.

Adult Swim itself joined in on the trend from their TikTok channel and commented on several videos to salute the creative, hard work done by the community. When creators make content the reflects their interests, it can be a way to connect with other fans and brands they admire.


Get out there and press some buttons #adultswim #adultswimbump #oscillotok @adultswim

♬ VANO 3000 - VANO 3000

Notable Video


1 Year transformation on a stranger 💈 Howd it come out? 👀 🎥: @ctmistretta #vicblends #barber #motivation #haircut #atl #atlanta #losangeles

♬ Get You The Moon - Timmies

Hot Track: Into The Thick Of It!

The Backyardigans are back with a bop that has become yet another TikTok hit. Following the success of "Castaways," "Into The Thick Of It!" offers engaging lyrics and a catchy sound that has been used for comedic videos, adorable pet moments, and a singalong challenge that is surprisingly hard. The success of this song shows how having one hit on TikTok can lead to the discovery of an artist or group's entire discography.

Hot Effect: Solid Beats

Solid Beats adds visual effects to a video that synchronizes with the beat of any song selected from TikTok's music library. @citygirls tried it out in their new single "Twerkulator." #BlackMusic

Creator Spotlight: @geronimo.warrior

#BlackMusic Tiktok LGBTQ+ trailblazer, Geronimo Louie is an indigenous person from the Chiricahua Apache band and the Navajo Nation. He identifies as two-spirit or indigenous queer and brings indigenous peoples issues to light while teaching about cultural sensitivity and respect. Geronimo works to uplift his people and their sacred culture through education, representation, and clothes, while also working closely with a small LGBTQIA+ organization called Diné pride as a youth director. Geronimo is an inspiring indigenous fashion designer who was recently featured in a Vogue for his traditional ribbon work.

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