TikTok users get ready for their big break with the #ActingChallenge top trend. Take a deeper look at content form this trend in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Current Top Trend: #ActingChallenge

TikTok creators hit the stage and showed us that there's more than one way to read the script.

Acting Challenges have always existed on TikTok in a variety of formats. From people who lip-sync dialogue from television and film, to POV-style content where users develop their own dramatic scenarios, acting has always been on TikTok. 

Those formats have coalesced into a single popular trend that has gained notoriety on platform. In this version, users create "Acting Challenges" in which they encourage others to duet them and read specifically-colored dialogue from the original video. "Acting Challenge! Duet me. You are the blue line." Once the duet is complete, it creates a scene between the two users.

Initially, these were intended in a somewhat serious manner, but because the TikTok community is the TikTok community, the videos quickly shifted to embrace a more light-hearted and comedic perspective.

Notable Video


Living in the least visited country in the world. ##travel ##foryoupage ##fyp

♬ original sound - yestheory

New Effect: Green Screen Hand

It's a green screen in the palm of your hand!

Hot Track: The Banjo Beat, Pt. 1

Ricky Desktop's "The Banjo Beat, Pt. 1" combines fluid banjo playing with the bass drop needed to create a unique mashup of genres perfect for TikTok transition videos. Users have picked up the sound for head shaking trends, entertaining dances, or engaging transitions

Creator Spotlight: LGNDFRVR

Justice Alexander has a passion for entertaining those around him and putting smiles on their faces with his comedic and family-friendly approach. Better known as LGND, he is based in Los Angeles and is known as one of the top Latinx creators on the platform. 


ARE WE FINALLY GETTING MARRIED?! 💍 MY 1 YEAR OLD CHOOSES MY GIRLFRIENDS DESTINY! 😳 ##relationship ##funny ##WhatsPoppin ##ThrowbackSongs

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

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