TikTok creators learn to shred with #GuitarTok. Take a deeper look at this content in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Current Top Trend: #GuitarTok

TikTok makes it easy to find a community of people who have common interests. Whether it's basketball, the latest anime release, or 1980s Japanese pop music from the 1980s, it's easy to find people with similar interests. This week, we're putting the spotlight on one community that focuses on mastering the guitar, #GuitarTok.

From well-known musicians seen playing sold-out stadiums, to folks just picking up an instrument for first time, #GuitarTok is the catch-all hashtag used by TikTok's community of guitar players. While the community has existed for months, it has most recently gained attention thanks to the exploits of a new member, John Mayer. John Mayer joined TikTok in early March and quickly focused his content on teaching TikTok how to play guitar. From musical theory lessons to tips to playing some of his more difficult songs, Mayer has expanded the reach of #GuitarTok and grown the community at the same time.

John's content is perfect for TikTok and acted as a buoy for the community, encouraging other musicians to share their work or tips on the platform. When musicians like John Mayer share a riff for a Duet, or simply Duet a guitar lick they're impressed by, it's easy to see the growth and development of the community.

#GuitarTok is a hashtag that acts as a central point in the development of a TikTok community. Showing TikTok's power to bring together users to enjoy a common interest.


The 60 second music theory behind Slow Dancing in a Burning Room #guitar #guitartok #guitarist #prs #silversky

♬ original sound - johnmayer

Hot Track: Praying

Kesha's hit ballad "Praying" has become the inspiration for a new trend on TikTok where creators use the singer's signing to express their emotions. Whether it's a memorable movie moment or reliving a memory, this song is perfect for anytime you need to scream. Kesha herself even joined in on the trend posting her own embarrassing video.

Hot Effect: Pet Game

TikTok celebrated National Pet Day with a new creative effect. The Pet Game lets users navigate their pet of choice through a moving maze. For every video posted using this effect, Hill's Pet Nutrition will donate a dollar to Greater Good Charities. Play along for a great cause.


New game from @hillspet ; supporting shelters since 2002. #ad #hillspetfoodshelterlove

♬ original sound - Nathanthecatlady

Creator Spotlight: @thegoldenbalance

Ahmad Alzahabi is a Syrian-American Muslim who shares his love and passion for the culinary arts via the @thegoldenbalance TikTok account while also educating users on his heritage and culture. With unique recipes that range from raspberry limeade to chicken kabsa, this creator has something delicious that will bring flavor to your tastebuds.

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