TikTok is an inclusive platform that transcends generations. It allows people to connect and express themselves authentically through short-form videos - and that includes parents, caregivers, seniors, and entire families.

More and more families today are creating and finding a community on TikTok. The most popular hashtag among the "mom community" - #MomsOfTikTok - has inspired 46.8B views to date. That's a 91% increase in six months. Other hashtags, like #ToddlerMom (1.2B views, a 112% increase in six months) and #MomHack (1.6B views, a 142% increase in six months), are on the rise as caregivers share their real parenting experiences with others on TikTok.

With so many families creating and finding community on TikTok, we're excited to highlight stories of families on our platform and shining a light on the genius tips, hacks, and trends they're sharing. We'll also put the spotlight on standout creators in the community, and the latest news and in-app features families should know about.

Family fun: DO try this at home!

We love how the parenting community on TikTok shares all the small, hilarious but relatable moments anyone raising kids experiences. #Momcomedy (1B views) is just one hashtag that reminds us all to laugh during the crazy journey of parenthood. For instance, @ongsquad shares the very different reactions from each of her children, from oldest to youngest, after she tells them it's time for bed.

Creator @brummy_mummy also recently shared the struggles of competitive siblings, with one child asking why his brother has more juice than him (spoiler alert: they have the exact same amount of juice).

Creator corner: A TikTok creator you should follow ASAP

Denise and Ebony (@Team2Moms), along with their three beautiful children, are on a mission to normalize LGBTQ+ parenting and show why representation matters by spreading love and positivity through the hilarious and fun everyday moments they share as a family. Here's a video that shows why we love @Team2Moms.

Real celebs of TikTok: They’re just like us!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (@therock), actor, entrepreneur, and a TikTok treasure, The Rock shares funny, charming, and super creative videos with his kids. He's a great example of how families can have a blast together on TikTok.


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