TikTok users tell us they love the new Stitch feature without telling us they love the new Stitch feature. Take a deeper look at the content form this trend in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Current Top Trend: #Stitch

"Show me how without showing me how..."

This week, we're taking a look at the emergence of the recently-released Stitch feature and its role in evolving storytelling formats on TikTok.

Initially released in September, Stitch is a feature that allows users to clip and integrate scenes from another user's video into their own. Similarly to our Duet tool, Stitch is a way for users to reinterpret, respond to, and build upon content created by the community, building on everything from storytelling, to tutorials, and even sitting down for Q&A sessions.

Like many of our other features and Creative Effects, it took some time for users to develop a variety of content formats that make use of the tool. The prototypical use can be seen in one of our tutorial videos, which shows users creating comedic sketches alongside one another.

However, since its initial release, the Stitch feature has evolved and enabled the development of several storytelling trends that narrow in on a question and response format. In these videos, users "Stitch" another user's question or prompt, before cutting back to their own response. In one version, users explained how "they know their partner won't cheat on them" by lovingly demonstrating their quirky hobbies. In another, users shared their random interactions with celebrities. In each of these trends, the prompt leads the videos before an individual user shares their own unique story.

Stitch is a good example of how TikTok’s creative tools help the community create compelling content and develop new, original formats by sparking users' creativity. It engages users who may be less interested in creating content and makes becoming a creator accessible. Here's to continuing this trend in 2021.

Notable Video


When I hand my brother the aux

♬ Wellerman - Promise

Hot Track: Steven Universe

L. Dre's "Steven Universe" offers users a mellow tune and solid beat that elevates content of all genres. Whether it's some aggressive compliments, a video of a cute animal, or showing off a recipe, this relaxing song is a welcome addition to all content.

Hot Effect: Green Screen Scan

Green Screen Scan allows creators to put themselves in their favorite photos and create new, iconic images.

Creator Spotlight: @theres.food.at.home

August DeWindt - AKA @theres.food.at.home - started creating during quarantine and has become a reliable source for those looking to expand their practical culinary expertise. She creates engaging cooking and grocery budgeting tip videos on TikTok. August works in the food and hospitality industry and currently runs John's Juice and Fluffy's NYC alongside her husband. 🥞🍍


I always go to ShopRite but let me know if there’s any other stores in NYC that you would like to see! #grocerystore #budget #groceries

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

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