We're looking back on all the ways creators celebrated Halloween and showing that holidays on TikTok are more than a single hashtag. Take a deeper look at this seasonal content in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects.

Trending on TikTok: Halloween

Few holidays lend themselves to video creation as effectively as Halloween. The costumes, makeup, scary vibes, tropes, stories, and everything in between means that there's a creative avenue that anyone can utilize. The results range from energetic comedic clips, to horrific short films and unite the TikTok community under a single holiday banner.

Creators spent this spooky season creating seasonal trends and more than your typical number of hashtags including #DiaDeLosMuertos, #HappyHalloween, #HalloweenLook, #Horrify, #SFXMakeup, #HorrorTok, #HalloweenTreats, and more. The variety of Halloween content shows how TikTok invites different cultures and communities to join the celebration with a scare, laugh, and maybe even an impressive transition.

Notable Video

Hot Track: Life Goes On

Oliver Tree's "Life Goes On" has become a go to soundtrack for creators looking for a catchy sound. While the earworm's beat and lyrics play seamlessly over any type of video, the artist has taken to TikTok as a creator, using the sound in countless hilarious videos that showcase his unique personality.


Life goes on and on and on and on 🤣

♬ Life Goes On - Oliver Tree

Hot Effect: Horrify

The Horrify creative effect was designed for Halloween but creators have used the menacing grin to visualize themselves making mischievous decisions. Check out #Horrify to see what mild menacing actions creators are taking.


..then I just change back into the first outfit 😬

♬ original sound - ya boi jj... 😈

Creator Spotlight: @yeahitsak

Akintoye - AKA @yeahitsak - is a rapper based in Toronto who's making a name for himself in North America with his impeccable flow and ability to create raps about relatable, everyday emotions. The artist frequently responds to comments with new songs created at a moment’s notice. Akintoye's infectious voice and energy make his songs fun to listen to, but the lyrics and verbal acrobatics are what encourage multiple listens to his songs and TikTok videos. Take a listen now so you can say you knew about Akintoye before he was big.


This ones for the homies ❤️ #fyp

♬ original sound - Akintoye

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