TikTok users bring a blast form the past with the #MedievalTikTok top trend. Take a deeper look at content form this trend in addition to top videos, creators, songs, and effects. 

Current Top Trend: #MedievalTikTok

The TikTok community took a look into the past and embraced an aesthetic from the Middle Ages with #MedievalTikTok.

Over the course of the Summer, the musical genre known as "Bardcore" gained popularity online. Bardcore, of course, refers to the performance of modern popular songs in Medieval styles. Think "Smells Like Teen Spirit" played with a harp, or someone covering "WAP" with a lute. These songs have become somewhat popular because of their uniqueness and recently drove an entire content format on TikTok.

Beginning with a Medieval cover of Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie", users followed an anachronistic format where they would find a bardcore song, use Green Screen to upload a painting from the Middle Ages, and then show themselves dancing in front of the art with TikTok Text that described a light hearted, "ancient" behavior. Whether it was saying "good day instead of good morning," using the word "parched instead of thirsty," or just imagining Medieval-inspired fandom, the content was extremely diverse and high-quality.

Over time, the content expanded to include a variety of Bardcore-inspired covers, including "Barbie Girl" and "Watermelon Sugar." 

Notable Video

New Effect: Laser Background

With a nostalgic image, the Laser Background effect set the perfect backdrop for the popular #Queerbook trend. 


@itgetsbetter is asking queer folks and their allies to share their ##Queerbook quotes for this years Queerbook Class of 2021! What would yours be? 🌈✨

♬ original sound - jakeborelli

Hot Track: Classical Music

TikTok showed off it's classy side by making "Classical Music" one of the hottest sounds on the app...behind "WAP." Whether your telling  a story, showing off a skill, or feeding your crocs, this sound elevates any video. 


The crazy alligator lady is back! 😱🐊 That ending tho😂 ##alligator ##behindthescenes ##naturevibes

♬ Classical Music - Classical Music

Creator Spotlight: Chef Matt Broussard

Matt Broussard, aka @acooknamedmatt, is a Seattle Zagat 30 under 30-awarded chef who shares his passion for cooking through his video creation and pop up dinners. Matt educates people on how to make his favorite recipes in addition to showing off his impressive knife-cutting skills. 

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