People turn to TikTok to create unique, engaging content and many of those videos resonate so strongly with the community that they become TikTok trends. During June, TikTok creators used their platform to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement with footage of protests to demand justice. Hashtags like #blacklivesmatter, #blackvoicesheard, #blm, #justiceforgeorgefloyd and #protest became some of the most creation-inspiring tags.

Throughout June, creators also brought levity through trends focusing on energetic puns, personal obsessions, and infectious dances that make scrolling through TikTok a positive experience. The month also saw the emergence of a fashion creator showing off lavish looks for all users. 

Top 3 Trends

  1. #BlackLivesMatter

Throughout the nation and across the world, protests rose in support of the black community and the fight for racial equality and justice, igniting conversations about systemic racism, police brutality, and their impact on Black communities worldwide. As a platform for diverse voices and stories, the TikTok community joined the stand, and throughout June and to present day, videos related to Black Lives Matter continue to fuel conversation on the platform.

Creators have been using TikTok to document the protests and educate one another through documenting their experiences and activism. It's been inspiring to see that our community feels empowered to share and learn from each other on TikTok. We're proud that #BlackLivesMatter has become one of the most viewed hashtags in TIkTok's history, showing the importance of this hisrotic movement to TikTok users and our nation as a whole. 

  1. #ObsessedWithIt

The #ObsessedWithIt trend tells the story of when a hobby becomes an obsession, and the creators who are happy to show off their harmless fixations. Originating with a video from @r_i_c_h_k_i_d, this trend uses a sound clip from the TLC show "My Crazy Obsession" to showcasesimpressive collections ranging from shoes to vacuum cleaners to fastfood sauces organized by color. The trend provided a simple prompt for users to share their interests in a tongue-in-cheek way. In addition, the trend remained a no-judgemental zone as users either uploaded their own collections, or took to the commitments on individual videos to relate in their own unique ways.

  1. #DontLeaveMe

One pun is good, two puns are fun, but videos with multiple puns and over the top reactions make a trend. The #DontLeaveMe takes creative wordplay and marries it with positivity and infectious laughter creating a trend that'll leave a smile on anyones face. Modeled after a video from Josh Alfred, a comedian from Lagos, Nigeria, the trend shows creators dropping quick verbal puns, followed by the camera operator and friend chasing them and yelling "Don't leave me!" as a sign of support and comradery. Without the need for audio or clever editing effects, there was little barrier to entry for the average user, which prompted users from across the country to share their own puns and world play. 

Notable video of the month

Top Effect: Flashback

Do you remember back before the flashback effect took TikTok videos to another time with wavy visual cues? Originally launched last August, Flashback was one of the first "transition" types of Creative Effects introduced and users initially struggled to figure out ways to make the effect work in their videos. It gained traction in June as creators used the effects with the sound "Daddy Issues," based around the lyrics "You ask me what I'm thinking about," which works perfectly with the effect. The effect helped visually show an entrance into creators' minds as they showed the hilarious, random things they were thinking about. 

June's Hottest TikTok Track: Kolors

When @kvng.ryyy created the dance for "Kolors" he didn't know he'd be creating one of the biggest trends of the month. This smooth dance was picked up by Charli D'Amelio and King Science who helped propel "Kolors" to be the top viewed track for June. 


Day 1 trynna make my dance a trend @_gabefernandez is the ending certified???😂 ##dance ##viral ##foryou DC: Meee

♬ Kolors - Monte Booker & Smino

Creator Spotlight: @wisdm8

Fashion creator Wisdom Kaye has grown a following of 2.8 million fans by offering engaging content showcasing unique, creative looks. He was recently profiled on Vogue for being "the best-dressed guy on TikTok," in which he shared, "what sets my page apart, and what has contributed to my growth, is that I show the limitlessness of fashion." Regardless of your fashion sense, Wisdom Kaye will get your attention with engaging looks. 


How I imagine getting ready for my first fashion show would go | Don't miss @balmain Live on TikTok at 10:30am PST this Sunday!##BalmainSurSeine

♬ Fake I.D. - Riton & Kah-Lo