When you think of staying healthy, you might immediately imagine going to the gym or eating a salad, but mental health is just as important as physical health. Creators on TikTok share some of their mental health strategies and encouragement. With hacks for boosting energy, methods for keeping a tight schedule, or some positive words of affirmation, the TikTok community is happy to share ways to support mental health. 

Quick tip if you're feeling anxious


Your friendly neighborhood therapist here! #foryou #anxietey #fy #fyp #therapy #help

♬ Ride It - DJ Regard

Practice setting boundaries

Petting cute therapy dogs to relieve some school stress

A good strategy for managing your time

Getting through the day with depression

The art of tidying up to improve mental health


cleaning my room a to improve my mental health. starting w my bed and book shelf! #mentalhealth #awareness #cleaning #fyp #worklife #books #cleanroom

♬ Magic - foofinsky

Dancing with the therapist


been seeing my therapist for 9 years now and we ended our last appointment with a tiktok 🥺❤️ #fyp #foryou #normalnormtime

♬ Lottery - K Camp

Energy taps to help give you a boost