TikTok offers brands a unique opportunity to connect with customers and fans who generate content involving their products. When Doggface208 went viral while drinking juice, Ocean Spray set the standard for how to engage with this type of trending moment. Shortly after this cultural explosion, another brand and TikTok creator found themselves in a viral back and forth on the platform. 

This time John Casterline, a TikTok creator known as @h1t1, posted a video that features a flat-screen TV he bought for $25 that could only display an Arby’s menu. Casterline's video of the newly acquired Arby's menu quickly spread across TikTok, eventually landing on the radar of Arby's itself, giving the company a chance to engage with this cultural moment. The fast food restaurant acted quickly by sliding into the comments section saying, "We've been looking for this!" 


Reply to @arbys nah fam its mine now.

♬ h1t1 sound - john c

Videos like these can offer users and brands an opportunity to turn a popular video into a cultural moment with lasting impact, and Arby's did not let the moment pass. 

"I remember seeing the original video from John Casterline (@h1t1) at midnight on a Thursday night (social never sleeps!) and wanting to respond with something fun that would set us up for further engagement," said Jimmy Beck, Digital & Social Media Supervisor at Arby's, "Once the comment starting getting traction, we knew this was TikTok gold." 

Arby's continued to drive the momentum of the original video both on and off the TikTok platform, helping to create additional content and progress the story of the Arby's menu TV.

The extended back and forth between Arby's and Casterline culminated in the return of the Arby's menu and the launch of a limited "$5 Missing Menu Meal" that was available at Arby's from November 6th - 20th.


#duet with @h1t1 We don’t play around‼️ The $5 Missing Menu Meal runs from 11/6 to 11/20. #h1t1 #arbystv #arbysmenu #arbysmenuscreen #arbys #fyp

♬ original sound - Arbys

This entertaining series of interactions between Casterline and Arby's eventually became a trend where other creators showed screens that only showed an Arby's menu. 


You owe me $500 @arbys @h1t1 🤬 #thearbysuniverse #arbys

♬ h1t1 sound - john c

This hilarious exchange is just the most recent example in an increasing trend of community engagement from savvy companies looking to reach out to their customers and fans. We're excited to see the creative stunts and videos made that will lead to the next big brand moment.