Creative users on TikTok are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and technical capability on their phones. To help, TikTok offers users a comprehensive suite of editing tools that allow them to take ideas and turn them into videos ready to be shared with the world. We're constantly looking to improve on this toolbox to give users full control of what they create, and in this spirit we're excited to announce the launch of our newest tool: voiceover.  

Voiceovers have been used in visual storytelling for years and offer creators a way to expand inner monologues, interesting perspectives, and character development within a narrative. Movies like Goodfellas, The Sandlot, and Pootie Tang are just a few films that utilize the voiceover. With the voiceover tool, users will have the ability to add their voice to any video they make. Whether they're narrating a story, adding their own voice to a song, or simply describing what's seen on camera, creators can use this new feature in countless ways to help make engaging content. 

Adding a voiceover adds a new dimension to content, as seen in this video by @ghosthoney

To add a voiceover:

  1. Record a video and continue to the editing page
  1. Tap the microphone icon in the corner that's labeled "Recording"
  1. Press the record button to record a voiceover on any part of the video
  1. Adjust the volume on the "Original sound" toggle

Voice Over for videos? We’ve got that. Try our new ##voiceover feature, available now. 🗣

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