NY-based Mega (@megagonefree) is a Black LGBTQ+ independent artist, who uses TikTok to share her positive, powerful voice and soulful melodies. As a Black woman occupying a genre without many mainstream Black voices, she aims to create music that spreads a message of love, open-mindedness, and empathy with her millions of followers. Learn more about Mega and her music below!

What does it mean to you to be part of the Black community?

Being part of the Black community means being part of a shared experience way bigger and older than me. Every day offers a chance to learn more about our culture and history. One person’s Black experience could be completely unique from mine, but might still share so many commonalities. Each one of us has our own unique gifts to offer our community and those differences are what make us stronger together.

As much as we all share in the beauty of our culture, we also have a shared responsibility to represent and advocate for our people. That responsibility doubles for those of us blessed with these platforms of influence. I’m glad that I can use the platform I’ve built to spread the reach of our community.

How has the TikTok community inspired you?

TikTok has completely changed my life. The platform and its community have been there for me at my lowest moments. TikTok inspires me to be a relief for others. Comments, like “You’re my comfort account,” or “I get so happy when you come up on my FYP,” or “Your voice makes me feel so safe” reaffirm that relief. Knowing that I can spread this much positivity to millions of people motivates me to create every day.

Also, I love that I can inspire so many people to follow their dreams of singing as I did! Seeing other people in my generation pursuing the same goals as me is one of the best things about the TikTok community. Where I’m from, embracing creativity and art is often frowned upon. Creating every day inspires me to change this narrative.

What are some of your passions on and off of TikTok?

Music is my greatest passion. It’s my everything and I want nothing more than to be a musician. I recently moved from my hometown to NYC in hopes of finding better music opportunities. One hobby I’m hoping to start is visiting music venues, live shows, and open mics. I’m working to build new friendships with other artists who share my passion.

I’ve also grown a large passion for marketing while becoming a creator. It’s been a huge part of creating mainstream success. I spend my free time developing strategies and experimenting with social media.

What are some other communities or interest groups you identify with / are a part of?

I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and a strong advocate for mental health awareness. I’m pansexual and use she/they pronouns. I feel that both of these communities are discriminated against in the Black community and one of my goals is to change that. We do not talk about mental health nearly enough with our Black youth.

What is your dream opportunity?

My all-time dream is to create a collaborative track with Melanie Martinez, as well as Marina and the Diamonds. They are my favorite musical artist and have molded me into who I am today. Their constant disregard for what society has to say about them is what gives me the confidence to do it myself. I would love to learn more about their creative process and reach a point in my career where I’m big enough to create with them.

Another dream opportunity would be to host a meet and greet or live show for some of my supporters. It’s one thing to get support online, but seeing the support in real life would be the most amazing feeling.

How would you like to grow in entertainment? What do you see as your career trajectory on and off of TikTok?

I see many bright things in my future, as an entertainer, musician, and influencer. TikTok has allowed me to make so many new connections and taught me about what it means to be an entertainer. In 2022 alone, I already have plans to expand my original music discography, start touring nationwide, perform live, collaborate with other amazing TikTok creators, and expand my audience. I recently released a new song, called “Thermostat,” which I consider the start of my journey transitioning from a content creator to being a part of the music industry.

I have ambitions beyond music, too, like acting and directing. My ultimate goal as a musician is to spread a message of open-mindedness and empathy. I will accomplish this by using extreme vulnerability, the safe space I create in my music and the reach that I’ve acquired through TikTok.