By Luna Wu, Global Security Business Operations and Portfolio Lead at TikTok

At TikTok, we believe that everyone benefits from a safer and more secure world. This Cybersecurity Awareness Month and all year long, we hope to inspire our diverse global community to make good choices and stay safe online. That's why we're launching #BeCyberSmart, a campaign championed by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and industry-leading experts on how we can all create a culture of cybersecurity. We're also continuing our commitment to uplift the next generation of leaders, because securing a platform that brings joy to over 1 billion people is a job that's never done.

Cybersecurity awareness champions

We're always inspired by creators fueling #LearnOnTikTok, and we're excited to launch a new @TikTokTips video series on ways to spot and defend against common cyberthreats. The series will feature TikTok creators and employees, including TikTok Chief Security Officer Roland Cloutier and moderately successful touring comedian @alex_falcone telling tales of cyber crimes and how to #BeCyberSmart.

In the physical world, we follow expert guidance: "If you see something, say something." The same principle applies to the digital world, and people with cybersecurity skills have the power to protect those around them by sharing their expertise. We look forward to celebrating fellow cybersecurity awareness champions who are making a positive impact on our community like @GhufranSalih, @DanTechTalk, and @EngineerAmber.

Uplifting the next generation of leaders

Our commitment to keeping TikTok safe and secure includes investing in technology, people, and partnerships to support the next-generation of cybersecurity leaders. While the COVID-19 pandemic hit many industries hard, cybersecurity skills have never been needed more. With over 3 million cybersecurity jobs left vacant last year, we're continuing to provide tools, training, and encouragement to inspire more people to get into cybersecurity.

We're also uplifting the cyber-learning community by officially welcoming the NCSA to TikTok (@natlcybersecalliance), along with ongoing support for its free Cybersecurity Education and Career Resources Library. Whether you're a high school student or mid-career changer, the field of cybersecurity offers something for everyone.

Fostering a culture of cybersecurity

We love seeing authenticity and creativity spark trends on TikTok and drive culture in the physical world. Detecting and protecting against cyberthreats is paramount to safeguard the platform as a home for creative self-expression, entertainment, and joy. That's why we build security into our product and processes, including getting creative to foster an internal culture of cybersecurity. This summer, we developed and launched a security-themed video game to engage, educate, and empower our diverse workforce. We also continued our internal "Mission Possible" series headlined by TikTok Chief Security Officer Roland Cloutier. Whether it's "Roland's password kitchen" or "gone phishin'" video, a panel discussion with the global security and privacy team members, or a live "Security Feud" trivia competition, "Mission Possible" is another way we engage TikTok employees as our first line of defense against online threats.

We believe people are the foundation of any organization. To keep tackling next-generation security challenges, we're continuing to broaden our bench of global security and privacy leaders in key regions, including Washington DC, Mountain View, Los Angeles, Dublin, and Singapore. We recently hosted a TikTok and LinkedIn LIVE to introduce members of the global security team, discussing a range of topics from building monitoring, response, and investigative Fusion Centers to our "follow the sun" approach to detect and respond to critical incidents in real-time.

Testing our own defenses

Over 1 billion people now come to TikTok every month to be entertained as they learn, laugh, or discover something new. We take our duty to protect their data very seriously. We embrace opportunities to collaborate with trusted third-party experts to help validate our defenses and stay ahead of next-generation threats. This month marks our one-year anniversary of partnering with HackerOne, a leading hacker-powered security platform. Our partnership welcomes top security researchers, academics, and independent experts to share advanced insights into emerging vulnerabilities, allowing our teams to resolve them before attackers can exploit them. We're also proud to support the recent evolution of HackerOne's Internet Bug Bounty (IBB) program. These initiatives help bolster TikTok's security, while also building a safer internet for all.

At TikTok, we're always focused on promoting measures to stay safe and secure online. From TikTok employees to creators and brands, we're encouraging our community to use the #BeCyberSmart hashtag to spread cybersecurity awareness and follow along with our @TikTokTips account.