By Luna Wu, Global Security Team

Our community's safety and security is our top priority. We'd like to take a moment to shed light on how we work to keep TikTok secure and announce our new partnership with HackerOne, an industry-leading vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty platform. In addition to building strong defenses, we also want to arm you with safety tips to protect your internet presence on TikTok and beyond. 

Behind the scenes, TikTok's fast-growing team of US-based security experts are working vigilantly to find and prevent potential threats 24/7. We use cutting-edge technology and multi-layered defenses to make it harder for malicious actors to get into our systems, and we regularly work with outside experts to test our infrastructure and processes. In fact, we actively encourage researchers to look for bugs and report them to us so that we can fix them before a bad actor can exploit them. 

We have announced the expansion of our existing vulnerability disclosure policy to a global public bug bounty program through a partnership with HackerOne, who has a strong track record across both government and business, including the U.S. Department of Defense and General Motors. This partnership will help us to gain insight from the world's top security researchers, academic scholars, and independent experts to better uncover potential threats and make our security defenses even stronger. As always, we appreciate security researchers who take the time to analyse our platform, and we encourage them to submit their reports so that we can build better defenses.

We are also launching a series of TikTok videos that show our community how to create strong passwords – in our own sunny-corner-of-the-internet way. The videos feature TikTok employees, including members of our Global Security Team instructing users on how to make complex passwords, use a password manager to better secure their accounts and more. The PSAs will roll out throughout the rest of the year and can be viewed at

Security is constantly evolving, and our team is committed to meeting the challenge head-on. We will continue to build a safe and secure app for the TikTok community by investing in technology, people, and partnerships. And we'll continue to raise the bar on transparency for the entire industry through regular Transparency Reports and our Trust & Accountability Centers, where we are showing security experts how our app works and how we commit ourselves to the safety of TikTok's fast growing user community.