It's no secret that ​TikTok is proving to be an incredible platform for artists to interact with fans, with the power to discover new talent and also revive tracks years after being released.

If you need an example of all of these things - look no further than YUNGBLUD on TikTok 🎉

YUNGBLUD's song 'Parents', taken from his 2019 EP The Underrated Youth, enjoyed huge success again on TikTok earlier this year with a surge of video creations from his loyal and engaged TikTok fanbase. Noticing the trend himself, YUNGBLUD (also known as Dom) recorded an instrumental version and started a competition on TikTok - inviting fans to duet with him and submit their own freestyle over the song.

This week, 19-year-old TikTok creator and aspiring singer-songwriter Chloe Noone from Liverpool got the call of her dreams from YUNGBLUD himself 😲

After being so impressed with Chloe's vocals and her take on his track, he selected her from thousands of fans. Not only was her video his favourite, but YUNGBLUD was so blown away by Chloe's talent that he called her up and said he wanted to collaborate with her on the re-release of 'Parents'.

The next day, Chloe was whisked away to Parr Street Studios in Liverpool to record with him, creating a new version of the song with her vocals and lyrics included.

Talking about her experience, Chloe Noone said: "This whole experience has just been surreal. I have been a fan of Yungblud for a while now but I never expected my verse in the ‘Parents’ duet to get much attention let alone being called up by YungBlud and asked to feature on the track. I honestly thought it was going to be a very long time before I was involved in something this professional and legitimate.

I am very grateful to Yungblud and his whole team for making my dream of being an artist see the light sooner than I expected. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Commenting on why he chose Chloe, YUNGBLUD said:

"Parents is very much the anthem for my fan base and when I saw it was re-emerging on TikTok I asked them if I should get an artist to remix it and who should that artist be. Then it occurred to me, this song is about us, it is a celebration of individuality and a celebration of the determination of my generation so i thought **** it I’m gonna release a record with one of my fans because this song is about my fans. I found Chloe Noone, a 19 year old from Liverpool who in her verse is singing so passionately about equality for women, it just jumped out to me and especially right now is something people need to hear!

I love Chloe and her family are amazing, I can’t wait to bring her out on stage to sing it with me. YUNGBLUD is about destroying the barriers between me and my fan base, we are one!"

YUNGBLUD has amassed over 3.4 million followers and 44 million likes on TikTok, entertaining and inspiring fans with his new music, comedy skits, passionate activism and experimental fashion and make-up videos. Some of you might remember the #AskYungblud hashtag challenge when he answered TikTokers' questions using the Duet feature (and racked up over 80 million views!), or his 'Insomniac Sleepover' in December with TikTok creator Abby Roberts (@abbyartistry) when he performed some of his tracks from his album Weird!.

'Parents' is now available on all streaming and download platforms. If you want to watch Chloe's incredible music journey with Yungblud, you can check out this film.

Chloe has had the most awesome start to her music career thanks to YUNGBLUD and TikTok, and we couldn't be happier! It really does start on TikTok 👏

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