To celebrate World Kindness Day on 13th November, TikTok launched a hashtag challenge #RandomActsOfKindness.

TikTok is a platform to inspire and enrich people’s lives by offering a home for creative expression and an experience that is genuine, joyful, and positive and has done so throughout the year. 

One of our champions has been Steven Mckell (@stevenmckell) who’s been an integral part of some of our campaigns such as the #BetterMeBetterInternet and Safety Videos.

Born and raised in Scotland, Steven always had a passion for success and wanted a platform where he could express himself. Initially battling with online critics and bullying, Steven turned the negativity he received into positivity, building up a following to engage and share stories with.

A user since 2016, Sherice Banton (@shericebanton) pushes comedy, creating comedic videos and aims to spread happiness among the TikTok community.

We’ve also seen the hashtag challenges #cleansnapp and #danceforchange gain popularity and take off on the platform.


We’ve highlighted some of the best videos that showcase the kindness of the TikTok community!

Be kind to others

Be kind to the planet

Be kind to yourself

Be kind to the animals