Think you've got what it takes to be TikTok's next Black trailblazer? Well, now is your chance to show the community what you've got, and why you deserve to be part of TikTok's new Black Creator Trailblazers programme.

The Black Creator Trailblazers programme is designed to nurture and develop 30 talented, emerging Black creators and music artists, aiming to further grow and develop an already thriving Black creative community on TikTok.

The Trailblazers will benefit from a series of bespoke educational events, workshops, and community-building forums with some of today's most impactful and influential Black entrepreneurs and celebrities across music and entertainment, culture, and business.

Whether it's celebrating Black culture and events, breaking down stereotypes, educating the community on Black history, or just creating relatable and funny clips and fashion and beauty inspo, Black creators are making an impact across culture and entertainment. From creators like @Djkrystallake explaining the history behind Windrush Day and what Colourism is, to beauty heavyweights like @SenorFenty sharing incredible makeup transformations, there's no end to the talent and creativity of this inspiring community.

How to enter

Beginning today until 29th September, post a video telling us why you're proud to be one of many incredible 🔥#BlackVoices on TikTok. Remember to use the hashtag #BlackVoices to be entered into the draw.

Eligible creators must have a minimum of 10k followers, be active on TikTok, posting at least 2 videos or LIVEs per week and have no Trust & Safety violations on their account within a 30 day period.

The 30 Black Trailblazers will be named in October.

Looking for inspo? Here's ten of some of the brightest Black voices on TikTok to follow

Krystal Lake brings her 417k followers everything school never taught them. From raising awareness about Black history and the Black experience to ways to ask for consent in relationships. No topic is off bounds for Krystal who is funny and fearless in equal measure!

Ehiz, better known as the 'master of reactions', is famous for his TikTok duets and reaction videos. Ehiz's authentic and down to earth style of comedy has earned him 10million followers on TikTok - and counting. Offering up his relatable 'real life' perspective on some of the weirdest and wackiest TikTok trends around, his hilarious reactions to viral videos like knuckle cracking, bizarre recipes, pet rats and even girls overdrawing their lips has made him a TikTok celeb.

Spoken word poet and activist Akala is one of TikTok's newest Black creators. Akala sharing videos explaining Black history to his 94k followers to raise awareness of the Black experience and help build more allies and advocates for equality. From explaining the significance of Stephen Lawrence Day to the cultural impact of the Windrush and even a short history of Notting Hill Carnival, Akala's content is engaging and educational in equal measure.

Sherice Banton is a huge star of the TikTok comedy scene, hailing from Bedford and sharing her take on the world to her 1.7milion followers. Nothing is off limits, performing impressions of all the wonderful characters in her life and delivering entertaining visual comedy to keep the TikTok community laughing.

Dr Emeka is an NHS doctor who started making TikToks as a fun informative way to help people get through the pandemic. He shares interesting medical facts and health advice to his 242k followers. From tips to improve your mental wellbeing to how you can stop snoring he's on a mission to improve the physical and mental health of the TikTok community one video at a time.

Senor Fenty, also known as Damilola, is a beauty and makeup mastermind who wows his 318k followers with fierce looks and colourful transformations. From honest makeup product reviews to easy to follow tutorials for the latest makeup styles, Damilola

Violet Ezedimora is a TikTok style icon who pushes the boundaries of fashion with every video. From channeling catwalk fashion into every-day looks, to putting together incredibly aesthetic monochromatic fits or showing exactly how tailored pieces should be worn, Violet's style has led her to amass over 256k followers.

Jeremy Lynch is a former semi-professional footballer, who’s become a football freestyler, comedian and allround mastermind with TikTok’s creative effects. A laugh is never far away for Jeremy's 14million followers, from driving around in a monster sneaker to channeling mission impossible.

The Kabs Family is your go-to for wholesome family content on TikTok. With over 1million followers on TikTok, this cheeky family of five share chaos, fun and adventure of family life. They love to take on trending challenges like finding out who your child loves more and testing your song knowledge.

Chewkz is founder of "The Chewkz Show", with his own fresh take on today's comedy and culture that has won him 3million followers. Jesse plays hilarious comedy skits that we can all relate and laugh along to, from the food menu in heaven to the challenges of being a Brit in America. But it's not all laughs, Jesse also creates educational videos that tackle current conversation topics like how to be non-threatening and supportive when walking at night near women.

New to TikTok and fancy exploring more Black content creators? Getting involved couldn't be easier, simply download the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.