Last week we published the first part of our TikTok Glossary to help you navigate the app. Below are even more useful terms to help you get up to speed on the app.

“‘For You’ Feed”

The ‘For You’ feed can be found from the homepage and is the place where new videos are recommended to you based on the users, creators and videos you already like. Don’t forget to check it out to find amazing new creators that you’ll love.


This is a feature that allows a creator to collaborate with another users video. You can find out more about Duets here. You can only Duet with someone with the permission of the respective creator. Everyone has full control over who gets to perform duets with them on their videos. To amend these permissions visit the privacy and security settings.


Reactions is another fun function which allows users to respond to videos showing how they feel about it whether amazed, moved or entertained. As with Duets, this function also requires users’ permission.


This is a function that helps maintain a positive community and TikTok experience. We care about your safety and that’s why TikTok’s moderators are here to help make sure that everyone complies with our Community Guidelines. Users are encouraged to report user profiles, videos, chats and content that contain harassment, offensive behavior/comments or inappropriate content that causes discomfort. Together with the Community Guidelines, this is intended to ensure the security of users.

“Digital Wellbeing”

This is another feature to help us maintain the wellbeing of our users. The new “Digital Wellbeing” feature enables screen time management alongside a restricted mode. You have the option to limit your use of the app to 40, 60, 90 or 120 minutes per day. If you hit the time limit, a passcode is required to remove the setting. When activated, the restricted mode attempts to ensure that inappropriate content will be filtered from users’ For You feed.

For more information please visit our Safety Center.