If you've been keeping up with our TikTok shoppable LIVEs, you've definitely met this week's creators in our Creator Spotlight! @mcloughlingirls are a sister duo on TikTok who are all about sharing the joys and realities of sibling life and we're so here for it.

These super relatable sisters have been busy sharing content that will have you wheezing - from annoying each other as all sisters do, right through to the little things they do to freak each other out (along with their fans!).

When they aren't dancing with their mum or pranking each other, these sisters have also been showing us their takes on Come Dine with Me and trust us, it's definitely one to watch.

If that wasn't enough, Milli and Megan were some of the first creators to be part of TikTok Shop in the UK. In case you missed it, this duo created a series of TikTok shoppable LIVEs, including one with Gemma Collins and Rylan Clarke! It was a chance to connect with the wider TikTok community, work with some of the biggest names in showbiz, and show that TikTok is THE destination to be entertained while shopping for the hottest new products.

With 2.9 million followers and 112.7 million likes, it's clear that these sisters are firm favourites on TikTok! We sat down with both of them to discuss how they got started, what their plans for the future are, plus their journey with TikTok Shop.

What inspired you to become a creator?

It was purely accidental! It all started in lockdown - we began creating content for the fun of it, and never imagined that we'd become famous. We instantly fell in love with creating content during lockdown and making people laugh in order to get through hard times. We have the most amazing supporters who have become our best friends and constantly show us an incredible amount of love whilst following our journey every day.

Tell us about your TikTok channel and the content you create for the community?

We post three TikToks daily and our content varies. We mainly focus on comedy, fashion, trends and just showing people our crazy life, and make relatable funny videos that you could share with everyone! We are so open with our followers about everything, and take them wherever we go. We want to make our followers always feel like our page is a happy and positive place to be.

How did you get started with TikTok Shop and LIVE selling?

We were actually one of the first creators ever in the UK to start on TikTok Shop. When we got approached to start the project we were unsure about the process, but we wanted to give it a go and instantly liked how much our followers loved it! We literally buy off TikTok shop ourselves now!

Why do you think your TikTok Shop LIVE events have been so popular and successful?

We are 100% honest with everything we say and we have gained such a great relationship with each and every one of our followers! Our TikTok shop events are successful because we are relatable and honest creators, that’s all we have ever wanted to be. The items we select for our TikTok Shop LIVEs are exactly what our followers ask us to add. We always want our LIVEs to be fun and just a laugh!

What’s been the most exciting moment you’ve experienced since becoming a creator on TikTok Shop?

The most exciting moment we’ve experienced since becoming a creator on TikTok Shop has been when we got the opportunity to go on a TikTok Shop LIVE ‘Game Show’ with Rylan and Gemma Collins. It was so much fun and very different to what we have done in the past. We cannot wait to do so much more with our TikTok family.

What has been your most successful campaign and why do you think that was? What were the key success factors?

Our most successful LIVE was our Black Friday and Valentine's Day LIVEs. We think they were the most successful because they were both during special days. Our LIVEs showcased the most amazing discounts - people love to save money, especially when its their top favourite products. We're the same!

How would you describe your personal brand?

Our followers mainly love to see all of our family, especially our mother Jenny and our little sister Mia - we started this journey with both of them and our family content is the most fun to make. Our followers are so lovely and supportive to us all!

What else or who else is on your TikTok For You feed?

Our TikTok feed is full of known TikTok creators and celebrities. The most frequent faces on there are our boyfriends Maxx Catley and Josh Ryan, they are both TikTok creators too. We pretty much share our whole relationships online and our followers just love the four of us together.

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

It is so hard to choose from all the TikToks - we make and love so many! Milli’s favourite is the ‘Thanksgiving’ video we made in 2020. It’s got so much going on and is really funny. We repost it every year on Thanksgiving and people love it every time. Megan's favourite is our first ever viral video. The ‘Never Have I Ever’ video is what started it all, and every time she watches it, it just makes her feel so happy with everything we both have achieved.

How do you plan to further grow on TikTok in terms of shopping LIVEs and content in the future?

Our TikTok journey is just getting started, this is just the beginning. We are so excited to continue this journey with both TikTok and TikTok shop. Content wise, we will keep grinding. We have some exciting things in the works and can't wait to announce them all!

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