In April, we launched our global #TikTokShortFilm competition celebrating our partnership with the Festival de Cannes and channeling the creativity of our community. Now, after much deliberation we are excited to announce our winners of the #TikTokShortFilm competition: @claudia_cochet, @tim.diddle, @rimanic and @lang_pictures. Congratulations to the four winners and thank you to the creators and our community for sharing your stories! Check out more details on our newsroom post here.

For this week's creator spotlight, we're speaking to one of our incredible creators who was in attendance at this year's Festival de Cannes, @chewkz! Best known for his entertaining content and vast variety of characters that he inhabits, from superman or spiderman, he serves up entertainment in spades and laughs a minute.

Drawing from his own real life experiences, our very own James Bond is the gift that keeps on giving. From sharing his experience at countdown to his dreaded driving test, one thing about Chewkz's content is that it never misses a beat and never fails to make you laugh - we're so here for it!

With 3.4 million followers in his community and 77 million likes he's not running out of steam anytime soon. We sat him down to speak with him about all things TikTok and his experience of Cannes.

Firstly, how is the Cannes festival?

Amazing! I felt inspired after experiencing the environment, meeting the other TikTok creators, and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Why do you think TikTok is a useful platform for young filmmakers?

The nature of TikTok is fast-paced and this allows young filmmakers to try more things quickly. This makes it a great platform to test ideas and in turn find out what works faster. It's also easier to get feedback than more traditional media.

What do you love most about TikTok?

Having a video go super viral!

What first inspired you to create on TikTok?

I edited a TikTok video for a friend, and I enjoyed it. Then after that, I thought it was worth a try.

What is your favourite recent challenge or trend on TikTok?

Loops are a trend coming back in and I’m here for it!

What is your goal on TikTok?

To share my creativity and entertain my audience.

What else or who else is on your TikTok For You feed?!

I get a lot of animal videos on my feed especially dogs and cats.

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

My favourite TikTok I’ve made is “Black British Superman vs. America” It was so much fun to record and edit. When I added the sound and music in the end it felt very cinematic but still in a humorous way which I believe made the video quite unique.


He gives you what you need even when it may not be how you want

♬ original sound - Chewkz

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