In April, TikTok launched the global #TikTokShortFilm competition celebrating our partnership with the Festival de Cannes and channeling the creativity of our community. Through this competition, experienced and emerging filmmakers from 44 countries demonstrated their cinematography skills with the help of TikTok's creative tools and effects, sharing their stories with the world.

Like the Festival de Cannes and cinema, the creativity and diversity of the submitted short films entertained and connected with the TikTok community amassing more than 4.5 billion views to-date. The submissions were judged by a jury of industry leaders across three core categories - Grand Prix, Best Editing, and Best Script.

After deliberations, we are proud to announce the winners of the #TikTokShortFilm competition. Congratulations to the four winning creators, and thank you to the creators and our community for sharing your stories. We're thrilled to share the four winning submissions.


Short film: Kitte kitte iino?*

Creator: Mabuta Motoki, @lang_pictures.

Country: Japan

About the film: The first winner is Japanese Mabuta Motoki (@lang_pictures) with his video Kitte kitte iino?* which highlights a delicate, and traditional Japanese craft, while integrating the cause of protection and preservation of natural resources.

From the creator: "I dreamed of becoming a movie director since I was 10 years old, and I'm now 34 years old. I've always dreamed of walking on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. There is nothing like this honor for a film director. I would like to thank TikTok for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I don't think there is such a great platform like TikTok to inspire the joy and motivation to make videos!"

Short film: Love In Plane Sight.

Creator: Matej Rimanic, @rimanic.

Country: Slovenia

About the film: The second winner ex-aequo produces a video on the theme of love, featuring a revisited version of the famous tic-tac-toe game on paper airplanes as a means of communication between the two protagonists.

From the creator: "Winning the competition and coming to Cannes, surrounded by all the amazing filmmakers, still doesn't feel real. We see TikTok as a tool for getting yourself out there, raising your voice and, of course, having a laugh. We would like to encourage everyone to also try to be a creator, not just a consumer of content, and watch all the opportunities they could wish for present themselves" shares Matej Rimanic.


Short film: Zero Gravity.

Creator: Tim Hamilton, @tim.diddle.

Country: New Zealand

About the film: Zero Gravity mixes video games, reality and gravity.

From the creator: "I know many creators engaging in these new platforms hear themselves being demoted as not being real filmmakers. I don't think creators should be discouraged. Filmmaking has been in dire need of democratization and it's finally getting it. The creatives using TikTok don't have hundreds of crew members and yet, the most innovative filmmaking techniques you can see today come straight out of TikTok. I'm thrilled to see TikTok recognized as a place of storytelling."


Short film: Modern Princess.

Creator: Claudia Cochet, @claudia_cochet.

Country: France

About the film: Modern Princess denounces violence against women and those who are not heard or not able to voice it.

From the creator: "That's why my character is mute throughout the short film. I came to TikTok precisely to tell stories, between fantasy and fiction, to pass on messages and to transport as many people as possible in my adventures. At 17, I had the chance to come to the Festival de Cannes with my audiovisual class. I made a promise to myself to come back one day thanks to my film. Today it's a done deal thanks to my perseverance and TikTok."

*Is it okay to cut trees? ___