As September comes to a close, we head into the final days of Fashion month! Over the last few weeks, we have seen amazing creatives from the fashion world come together in New York, London, Milan and Paris to showcase the very best of the new season. The TikTok community has been getting a front row seat, as well as taking inspiration for their own looks and creations too.

Our next #TikTokFashion Collective creator spotlight is with none other than "The Fashion Intellect" @bernardgarby. A seasoned luxury fashion insider, Bernard has turned his TikTok account into a haven for the fashion-obsessed, with over 435 thousand followers and counting!

Whether it's his 'Friday Fashion News' roundups that keep us up to speed, or his behind the scenes of fashion shows, we love Bernard's inside look into the world of fashion! Of course, Bernard also shows off some amazing outfit choices of his own, from work outfits to 'get ready with me' style videos

So, here's our conversation with @bernardgarby, on all things #Fashion, the inspiration behind his account, and his favourite creators on the platform!

Congratulations on being part of the first #TikTokFashion creator collective! What is your favourite thing about fashion and style content on TikTok?

I love how TikTok democratised the game of social media. Without pointing fingers and dropping names - I believe other social media channels have been very much driven by a certain aesthetic and image to the point that if you wanted to 'make it' and grow your following there, you had to fit into that aesthetic. However, TikTok changed it and when I say 'democratised it' - I really mean it, because TikTok celebrates uniqueness. I truly believe TikTok has created a community and platform for original voices that are authentic and creative in their own ways. There is no such thing as a 'TikTok' aesthetic. On TikTok you can be you and build your community around that. That is my favourite thing about fashion and style content on TikTok - you see content you don't see anywhere else.

Why did you decide to start creating content on TikTok?

I uploaded my videos on TikTok because of exactly the same reason - TikTok allowing original voices to remain original and unique without TikTok pushing its own agenda of how content should be. My format was Fashion News and I couldn't think of any other social media channel which would enable me to create that type of content. TikTok is also famous for its algorithm, which enables creators to find their community. It really did that for me, something I will be forever grateful for. I truly feel like at this point I have a community rather than followers, who are all time-poor but fashion-obsessed.

What other fashion creators on TikTok do you follow?

You may laugh at this, but because I have a full-time job in fashion, my content is around fashion and I have a lot of my friends who work in fashion, when I go to TikTok I disconnect from fashion! If my TikTok was all about fashion too, I think I'd throw up - it would be too much fashion (haha)! I believe that life is about balance, therefore, my TikTok is about pets, food, travel and lifestyle in general. It is my zone to disconnect from the fashion world after spending 10-11 hours a day of work in the fashion industry... I hope that makes sense? That being said - I am so glad that I found @yungalyy after the #TikTokFashion Collective was announced. I thought I knew everything about fashion, but Aly is the creator who brings me to new horizons I haven't explored before. I also love @itscasoperdido because he introduces me to new brands and also his styling is top-notch.

What is your goal on TikTok?

That is such a good question... I haven't thought about it before, because I make content every day without really thinking about it! Hmmm... What is my actual goal? Perhaps for it to remain fun?! I'd love to continue creating my content without thinking what can I get back, because that's when content can be the most creative and original. At the moment, I create content for the sake of having fun and not for the sake of getting something back in return. I'd like it to remain that way as long as possible!

What is your favourite TikTok video you have made to date and why?

It must be my very first Fashion News video... That video is sooooooooo me.

What piece of advice would you give to someone interested in fashion?

If you just want to work in the fashion industry my biggest advice would be: do not EVER take 'no' as an answer. It's an industry full of big egos, therefore, you have to stay resilient. The only way to stay resilient is by not taking 'no' as an answer.

However, if you're a fashion designer I do have a lot of advice. My main piece is to stop expecting people to understand your fashion. People do not need to understand fashion, people have to like fashion. It is a very transactional business. If you like it - you will buy it. If you don't like it - you won't! I come across a lot of designers that say "But they don't understand!" and that is something that makes me want to roll my eyes, because they don't have to understand it - they have to like it! Fashion should not be philosophical, it's very easy: you see it, you want it, you get it! Easy as that. The sooner you realise it as a fashion designer, the sooner you'll become successful. Otherwise , you will continue living in disappointment because you will be expecting people to understand it when there is nothing to understand. It's very easy, people just have to like it - instinctively - without you having to explain why they have to like it.

Finally, what else is on your For You feed?!

Food! I love my food just as much as I love fashion.

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