You may know Abby Roberts better by her TikTok name @abbyrartistry. The ‘artistry’ part of her handle is a little insight into the kind of amazing content she creates. TikTok is a platform for our community to showcase their creativity, and Abby does exactly that with her epic TikTok makeup videos.

But let’s get to know a little bit more about the girl behind the brush…

She first burst onto the beauty guru scene back in 2013, where she posted makeup tutorials, beauty blogs and special effects makeup videos to her social media. She gradually began building a following with her unique style, but it wasn't until makeup mogul @JamesCharles featured her on one of his ‘sister takeovers’ that she really blew up. 

Now she has over 10 million TikTok followers and counting, as well as becoming one of the leading british beauty bloggers and a rising entrepreneur. 

Let's take a look at some of the incredible TikTok content that makes her so popular!

One of her most viewed TikTok videos sees her recreating the designer look she made for makeup influencer @JamesCharles that helped kick start her career.


recreating the gucci look i drew for @jamescharles !

♬ Obnimi - Callmearco Remix - mattiapolibio

She never shies away from a request, so if there's a makeup style you’re looking to #LearnOnTikTok then Abby is your girl! Here’s her easy to follow makeup tutorial for a gorgeous gradient lip.

@abbyrartistry is a recipient of the European TikTok Creator Fund, a $70 million fund set up to support the creative community so talented creators on TikTok can turn their passions into a career! TikTok creators will be able to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity via the app from Tuesday 1 September provided they meet the required criteria

The thing we love about Abby is that she can go from a classic lip tutorial to a full blown, robot, cosplay transformation. You gotta admire versatility!


i don’t do this often cause it takes forever but here’s how 😙 ##learnontiktok

♬ im outside in a amg L.Dre remix - ldrethegiant

just ur local robot girl stopping by 😋 ##beatsdaisychallenge @beatsbydre @ashnikko ##ad ##BeatsDaisyChallenge

♬ Daisy - Glacier Blue CLEAN - Ashnikko

She even transforms herself into a T-Rex. No, Seriously! Warning we can't tell if this look is hilarious or actually give us nightmares.


not sure why i had the urge to turn myself into a t. rex today but it happened

♬ Pitbull - Hotel Room Service - qt.ducks

Speaking of transformations, we love this epic ‘alternative abby’ look! Can we have orange hair please?

Look how she turns TikTok creator @benjikrol into the next drag superstar. Shoutout your drag name idea in 3...2...1!


i put @benjikrol in drag 😳 comment her a drag name hehe

♬ original sound - ppcoca1ne

If you need to know some basic makeup hacks then checkout her useful tips on things like how to clean your makeup brushes - p.s. can we take a moment to appreciate her hair in this video...


this legit took me over 5 hours AH ##learnontiktok

♬ my future - Billie Eilish

… If you want to get her big, beautiful curls then she also does hair tutorial videos!

For more of Abby’s brilliant content or amazing looks be sure to visit her TikTok page at @abbyrartistry. Or for more beauty inspiration, check out our recent #LearnOnTikTok lowdown featuring trending TikTok beauty hacks!

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