The Shake It Easy challenge from Vodafone Italy and TikTok encourage creators to improve their lives through a "shake" with the hashtag #ShakeItEasy.

TikTok, the world's leading video platform, has partnered with the Italian counterpart of the mobile phone provider Vodafone to develop a series of initiatives with the aim of engaging younger users in Italy. This is TikTok's first telecom partnership in Italy.

The Shake It Easy is available to activate, where users are able to receive unlimited data for chat, social media, maps and music. Through this, Vodafone has added TikTok to its social media zero-rated bundle.

Alongside this, TikTok is launching a new creative challenge on #ShakeItEasy. This TikTok challenge inspires users to improve your daily lives by only shaking their smartphones.

Check out some videos below!