In 2022, listened to the viral Jiggle Jiggle rap, tried our hands at a Butter Boards and more. . . Every day we're in awe of the TikTok community.

Today we are delighted to announce the TikTok Creators to Watch for 2023, shining a light on the rising stars of TikTok, who are already making waves both on and off the platform.

The annual 'TikTok Creators to Watch' list demonstrates the most promising creative talent of the moment on TikTok, based on the trends, communities and conversations taking off on the platform.

From fashion and beauty to food and history, the 16 chosen creators that make up the 2023 Creators to watch list have established over 12.5 million followers collectively on TikTok and have each grown in popularity on TikTok in the last 12 months, sharing their true authentic selves.

In 2022, creators featured included musical comedy duo Sugar Coated Sisters, culinary whizz Nigel Kabvina and comedian Victor Kunda who went on to become household names.

Last year, TikTok creators went on to find success presenting on TV, performing at The Fringe festival, modelling for international fashion houses and realising their dreams of becoming published authors.

We are excited to see what the TikTok community has in store for us this year, but without further ado, let's meet TikTok Creators to Watch in 2023 . . .

The TikTok Creators to Watch in 2023

@lagomchef (995.4k followers)

Martyn is an amazing chef who is inspiring our #cooking community to try their hand in the kitchen with his entertaining passion for food and commitment to fighting food waste. While keeping a focus on reducing or eliminating food waste, he shares his tips and tricks include how tos for basic dishes, ideas to elevate the humble potato, and new recipes we all should be trying.

@lagomchef Replying to @Gerie Pestrikoff Bot Scrambled eggs… again there is a million different ways to do it! Hard and fast or slow and steady and that’s just in the bed…. You know what I’m saying. Just think - hot is hard and warm is soft. Happy to help where I can. #fyp #foryoupage #viral #eggs #cooking #scrambledeggs #food ♬ original sound - Lagomchef

@belpriestley (1.2M Followers)

Bel Priestley is the friend you never knew you needed on TikTok. Alongside her beauty content, her account is full of relatable content and life updates. Her content is engaging, while also being educational, as she discloses elements of her journey as a trans woman. If that wasn't enough, she's been cast in the next series of Heartstopper, and we can't wait to tune in!

@belpriestley Happy new year🖤🥂☺️ #fyp #uk ♬ Love me transition - Zuzi

@nadirnahdi (118.8k followers)

Want to learn about the fall of Andalusia or how coffee came to Indonesia? Nadir is here to tell you, all the while sharing some mouth watering recipes. Alongside sharing food history with our community, he's been opening up about the food he experienced growing up - one particular highlight is his fish finger curry!

@nadirnahdi Fish Finger Curry || A Simmering Memory. For full recipe go to my Instagram post! #foodtiktok #storytime #nani ♬ original sound - Nadir Nahdi

@yourboymoyo (2.5 million followers)

There is simply no denying it - Moyo is laugh out loud hilarious. Whether it's trying out skiing or rating Fashion Week outfits, his energy is simply infectious. It's no wonder that our community can't get enough of him, with over 2.5 million followers to date.

@yourboymoyo Iceland 🇮🇸 this place is magical ✨#iceland #holiday #weather #holiday ♬ original sound - Moyo

@theroyalwardrobe (327.6k followers):

Rosie is a fashion history enthusiast who loves talking about fashions from the past, particularly that of royalty! She breaks down all the royal fashion trends from decades gone by, even dissecting this royal season's must have accessory, the imperial state crown. Rosie is also set to publish her first book later this year, all about royal and historical fashion.

@yungalyy (833.2k followers)

Ever wondered how to style cargo pants or how the Nike Tech Fleece tracksuit really fits? Londoner Aly is all about unique get ready with me's. His content not only focuses on how it looks, but his seamless editing and transitions emphasise the structure and detail of the clothing which he showcases on TikTok.

@danigmakeup1 (616.7k followers)

Dani has Alopecia and has been taking the beauty community by storm. Alongside beauty hacks like the perfect winged eyeliner tutorial and best nude lip combo, she's been flipping the 'get ready with me trend' on its head with her get unready with me content.

@rowleyy (949.5k followers)

In need of a laugh? Henry's routines are all about those characters that you're unfortunately slightly too familiar with. From the posh girls at uni to the "music guy" at afters, he paints a hilarious and accurate picture of social interactions.

@big.manny1 (1.3 million followers)

Based in Dagenham, Wallace studied biomedical science at University of East London before taking a technician role at a secondary school, before becoming a full time content creator. If you're looking for revision study tips or simply want to learn more about science, he's one you need to follow!

@big.manny1 Celebrating the great Professor Stephen Hawking on his birthday today💥 I’m at Barratt London’s Ridgeway Views development - his dad’s old workplace and site of some amazing scientific discoveries. I’ll be exploring these discoveries in a few weeks so stay tuned! #chemistry #experiment #science ♬ original sound - Big Manny

@charityshopgirlcsg (73.9k followers)

A big advocate of thrifting and secondhand styling, Jen is the perfect person to follow if you're looking to embrace #SustainableFashion. From giving advice on how you can rewear one item of clothing multiple ways, to showcasing fully thrifted outfits, it is safe to say that her content is a treasure trove of fashion inspiration!

@helen_christie (1.4 million followers)

From the FYP in medieval times, to her take on a TikTok museum, Helen's content has been leaving us in stiches. And the wider comedy community would seem to agree, as last year she was announced as the winner of the BBC New Digital Comedy Award 2022.

@ladymollyelizabeth (61.6k followers)

Founder of ‘Eternal Goddess’ Fashion Publication, Molly is all about dissecting catwalk haute couture. Want to know about Robert Wun's first couture collection? Or why that viral Schiaparelli catwalk show was the perfect way to kick off Haute Couture Week in Paris? She's here to give you the lowdown on luxury fashion!


Grammys best dresses red carpet (tbh this was a very bleh red carpet so im clutching at straws)

♬ Wii Shop Channel - McTweet

@draminayonis (23.7k followers)

Whether it's studying content, some mothering tips, or discussing entrepreneurship, Dr Amina really does have something for everyone. So, if you have upcoming exams or are hoping to pursue your parental or business goals and need a bit of new year inspiration, check out her content!

@draminayonis Ever wondered what the differences were between a Master’s Dissertation and PhD Thesis. They’re pretty major! #phdstudent #phdlife #mastersdegree #gradstudent #unilife #doctorsoftiktok #phdstudentlife #phdchat #masterschool ♬ Collide (more sped up) - Justine Skye

@xenossll (886.6k followers)

Xenos is the creator for you if you love any type of gaming content! With almost 900k followers, it is clear the TikTok community are loving his videos. From virtual reality to online platforms his amusing clips from his ever-popular livestreams will have you hooked.

@xenossll Immersion like no other. #pistolwhip #pico4 #picoxr @PICO XR ♬ original sound - Xenos

@nataleebfitness (422.7k followers)

Natalee is in the process of setting up her own women's only gym. But in the meantime, she's been sharing tips on workouts to follow if you're not sure what to do in the gym, the importance of doing your own thing, plus all the technique tips that you need. She really is the queen of gym confidence! (714.3k followers)

Want the details on the latest beauty deals? Maryam's content is a treasure trove of all the best hauls and products that you need to invest in! We're particularly loving all her hijab content too, from different styles to try to how to keep it in place.

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"Creators are the lifeblood of TikTok: they entertain us, educate us, and inspire us every single day. This year's TikTok Creators to Watch list shines a light on the new style-makers, foodies and unique educators that are blazing the trial within the TikTok community and beyond.

We're all proud to celebrate TikTok's role in cultivating the next generation of talent, and really excited to see where the creators go next!"

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