We wanted to give a shout out to our Somali breakout star Nimco Happy, whose song ‘Isii Nafta’ has become a global hit on TikTok and beyond 🎵

Over the past few weeks, the catchy hook 'ogsoonoo inaan ku jeclahay’ has taken the world by storm, with everyone (and their mums!) singing in Somali, Arabic, Swahili and English. It's been incredible to watch Nimco Happy's success on TikTok around the world.


Spreading love from Somalia 🇸🇴 to the world 🌍 with @tiktok ##itstartsontiktok

♬ Isii Nafta (Love You More Than My Life) - Nimco Happy

How did the song start trending on TikTok?

The love jam, which is sung in four different languages, started going viral on TikTok at the start of October. It quickly had our creators dancing, learning about Somali culture, getting creative with nail art and even inspired cooking videos.

The song was released by Nimco five years ago, but thanks to our creative community (who know a banger when they hear it), the track has seriously caught on fire and helped to spread cultural appreciation, with creators now describing Nimco as their online 'habayar' (somali word for aunty).

High profile artists such as Cardi B and Stefflon Don jumped on TikTok to show their appreciation for the song, as well as creators such as Akafi Ali, Jax James, Chunkz and EHIZ. The song has now racked up almost 350 thousand video creations globally.

How has Nimco Happy responded?

After seeing the traction on TikTok, Nimco Happy joined herself a few weeks later to thank the TikTok community for all the support. She's also been posting duets with her favourite artists, such as Cardi B.

What started as a trend has completely changed Nimco's life. The singer, who is currently based in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, was unaware the song went viral until she was tracked down by one of Polydor's A&R team who helped her distribute the song. Now she can't go out without being recognized everywhere! 🌍

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Nimco Happy said: “I am so happy to be here and have gotten so far... that I can be here with a Somali name, with my Somalinimo.” We love that Nimco has found a home for her music on TikTok while being her true authentic self ❤

Join the fun by spreading the love...

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