This month is LGBTQ+ History Month, an incredibly important moment in time to celebrate and honour the LGBTQ+ communities. At TikTok, we kicked off the month with the announcement of a new partnership with the charity Stonewall, Europe's largest LGBTQ+ rights organisation. Through this partnership we'll be running a series of campaigns throughout the rest of the year on themes ranging from inclusive education to sport.

Over the next two weeks, we're running a series of LIVEs, featuring LGBTQ+ voices including star of It's a Sin Olly Alexander, Lady Phyll and Ben Hunte discussing topics ranging from queer heroes, coming out and LGBTQ+ history lessons.

To learn more about LGBTQ+ history and to get involved with the upcoming activities, head to the Discover Page and click the LGBTQ+ History Month banner, or simply search "LGBTQ+" in-app. We can't wait to tune in to:

  • TV and radio broadcaster, @riyadhkhalaf talking to the BBC's Ben Hunt about being Out and Proud on 16th February, at 19.00 GMT
  • A celebration of Queer Heroes that looks the most inspiring LGBTQ+ activism, on 18th February at 17.00 GMT
  • An exploration of the AIDs crisis and the 80s Queer Scene on the 23rd February at 17.00 GMT, following the huge success of Russell T. Davies' It's a Sin
  • A discussion on Intersectionality in Queer activism, highlighting the important contribution of queer POC, on 25th February at 17.00 GMT

Tune into @tiktok_UK to watch the LIVEs.

We also wanted to take some time this month to celebrate 12 must-follow LGBTQ+ creators on TikTok. Covering fashion, food, parenting, comedy and LGBTQ+ activism, these creators all have something to offer you. We sat down with them to find out what LGBTQ+ History and being on TikTok month means to them...

TikTok LGBTQ+ Creators You Need To Follow

  1. @jessicaoutofthecloset

Jessica brings vintage fabulousness to her TikTok, whilst educating her followers on living with a disability and LGBTQ+ awareness. Showing that a little positivity can go a long way!

Talking about LGBTQ+ History Month, Jessica has said: "As someone who didn't grow up ever learning about LGBTQ+ topics in school AT ALL, it means a lot to me that now we as a society are moving towards being able to celebrate the amazing people who paved the way for us to live freely."

  1. @handluggageonly

Couple Yaya & Lloyd share their love of travel and food with their army of fans; inspiring likeminded adventurers with their beautiful content.

Yaya & Lloyd told us that "LGBTQ+ History Month is the perfect time to reflect, pause and learn more about past and current struggles whilst celebrating our diversity."

  1. @disabled_eliza

Eliza is creating a safe space for the LGBTQ+ disabled community, proudly sharing their own unique journey to educate and inspire others to do the same.

Talking about the strength of the community, Eliza has said LGBTQ+ History Month shows that: "It shows that no matter how many people may be ‘against’ us, that we are strong together as a community, who are welcoming and loving to all."

  1. @rea1le

Queer creator Reallé has found a freedom of expression on TikTok in a way she never has before; in her own fierce and fabulous way.

Speaking about her own experiences on TikTok, Reallé told us that: "Being a TikTok creator allows me to be expressive in a way I never have before. The world is truly your stage on TikTok, and the sense of built community amongst LGBTQ+ folks means I always feel connected to people like me."

  1. @fitxander

Father and gay man Xander is on a mission to share positivity and support for his community, like celebrating his own dad's journey to becoming an LGBTQ+ advocate!

Reflecting on changing times, Xander said: "There is still progress to be made, but it is vital that we take this month to look back and see why LGBTQ+ people were attacked so badly for so long, to celebrate and thank those that faught for us, and see the signs of change to make sure it never happens again."


There really are loads of us that are gay! My lesbian sis: @claire_training #lgbt #gay #lesbian

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  1. @tag.warner

CEO of GAY TIMES, which has been leading LGBTQ+ story telling since its inception, Tag is bringing his authentic and brilliantly entertaining self to TikTok.

Tag talked to us about his experience on TikTok: "I love the platform for meeting new people, identities and trends in the LGBTQ+ community. It also feels like a platform where people celebrate you for your weirdness, your edges, rather than what makes you like blend in to the crowd."

  1. @riyadhkhalaf

TV and radio broadcaster, content creator, author, podcast host and LGBTQ+ activist, Riyad is using TikTok to educate his fans on the issue that matter most to the queer community.

Riyad told us his take on LGBTQ+ History Month: "Our legacy, achievements, triumphs and struggles must be remembered and shared not only as a sign of respect to those who fought before us, but to ensure that we learn from queer history andprevent a relapse back into a time of intolerance, hate and fear."


5 things to avoid when speaking to Queer people ##IDAHOBIT ##LearnOnTikTok ##LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 @stonewalluk

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  1. @hellomynameiswednesday

Artist Wednesday uses their joyful animations to truly connect with people; addressing wellbeing and mental health in uniquely creative way.

Speaking about the link between mental health and LGBTQ+ History Month, Wednesday said: "I'm glad for history month because a lot of LGBTIQA+ history is erased from our curriculum. It can leave our community feeling erased and alone. This has a significant impact on our mental health. Having queer history talked about helps us to connect past with present, especially in a world that suggests we are a new phenomena."

  1. @thisisiona

Self-care advocate and foodie expert Iona inspires her community with her delicious recipes and bakes to recontextualise food and aid recovery, one bite at a time.

Iona highlighted how far we still have to go: "LGBTQ+ History Month is a reminder to me that queerness is beautiful and powerful, and it always has been!"


CW: c*lorie talk || this can be a touchy topic, but it’s important. lmk any other drinks you want me to talk about!💖#recontextualisingfood #recovery

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  1. @mrspotatoqueen

Shaz is a queer muslim and proud! She is using her voice to inspire each and everyone of us to stand up and be heard.

Talking about pride and intersectionality, Shaz told us: "I tried to deny my sexuality for most of my life but after accepting myself as queer, I stand with pride, stronger than ever."


You’re a snake still. Don’t ever message me again 🥰 I’m so blessed to have parents that still love me regardless of my feelings. #fyp#lgbtmuslim

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  1. @yazdemand

Trans creator Yaz brings her real and authentic self to TikTok, addressing trans issues and becoming the role model she always wanted.

Reflecting about her time on TikTok, Yaz said: "When I was growing up I never really had anyone to look up to who was black and trans, and so I knew that I wanted to be that girl other little kids like me could look up too, and I love that TikTok gives me a platform to do just that and more!"

  1. @claire_training 

Lesbian, personal trainer, educator and mum Claire, is on a mission to make lesbians visible; with her high energy and signature style, this rainbow runner is a true queen of positivity!

Claire told us about her experiences, saying: "As a lesbian mum I feel it is part of my role to make lesbians visible and promote positivity. I love the freedom of expression and positivity that comes with creating queer content on TikTok and the fact that I can show my children and inclusive world."

There we go! Twelve talented LGBTQ+ TikTok creators on our platform right now! Be sure to give them all a follow to keep up with their latest brilliant content!

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