If you've been searching for lockdown laughs on TikTok then there's a high chance you'll have come across TikTok's favourite postie @LauraorGil. ✉️

The Welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 postie brightened up so many of our lockdowns with her hilarious skits, attempts at the latest TikTok dance craze and accurate portrayals of life delivering letters and she's back making lockdown 2 even bigger and brighter.

Come rain or shine, you can always trust Laura to bring a funny TikTok, from dancing around in a Post Box costume to showing us all the perils of the job 🐶, and giving us a sneak peak at what goes on at the sorting office

Laura's infectious smile and humour have made her a rising star on the platform, so we sat down with her in our latest TikTok Creator Spotlight, to hear about what makes a great TikTok. 

What do you love most about TikTok? 

The one thing I love the most about TikTok is that it is a safe, open and diverse environment to be able to interact with people from all over the world, creating such a supportive platform for people from all different backgrounds and communities to come together to be creative and have fun. 

Throughout the pandemic TikTok really brought people together and gave people the chance to still have a reason to laugh and smile away from everything that was going on in the world. Everyone turned to Tiktok during this tough time and I feel that it really helped and is still helping us all get through it. 

Whether it is people creating their own content or just watching others. I have found that more people who were just watching my content at the beginning have now been inspired to create their own since seeing how much fun we all have developing content, especially the viral dances! I feel I have shown people that they can also have the confidence to join in, as you don’t have to be a good dancer or have rhythm to do these challenges, I have shown them that with my two left feet that anyone can join in. This is what makes Tiktok such an open platform for everyone. 

I also find that it is such an easy platform to use which is very convenient for me as I create my content alongside my full-time job. I feel like I can show people a peek into my day-to-day life with ease.  

Why is TikTok right for your content?  

As my content is very family friendly, this platform is the perfect place for me to upload my content. My videos can also easily be dueted with by everyone on my account which is great for interacting with my followers. There are so many useful features on TikTok that help to make my content stand out and also it offers easy accessibility onto my other socials through a click of a button.   

What is your ultimate goal on Tiktok? 

My overall goal on TikTok would be to be a role model to younger audiences and also to be a big part of the LGBTQ+ community. I feel that through people seeing my content they are becoming more confident and comfortable to be themselves. A little personal short-term goal that I have been working towards is to hopefully reach 1M followers and one day become verified.  

Who do you follow on TikTok and why? What is on your TikTok feed?  

I follow a lot of my fans as I find that this makes me more relatable and I always want to stay relatable to my followers. I feel this also helps boost my content as my followers then feel closer to me. 

But, I also follow big creators so that I can keep on top of trending dances and sounds to enable me to continue to make the best possible content. These include celebrities like Jason Derulo and Noah Beck.  

A lot of my newsfeed is focused on the LGBTQ+ community as it is more relatable to me and I always ensure that I keep up to date with what is trending and what videos are being produced on this part of TikTok.  I closely follow Cole_Abbie as they are also a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Plus, Lawrencetiktok90 & TheSmithyFamily as I feel our content is quite similar to mine, as in real life day to day content.  

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?  

My favourite TikTok that I have made to date would have to be the initial video that went viral and the reason that I started to become popular on TikTok. 

Due to being a key worker I was working throughout the pandemic and a girl asked me whilst working if I would film a social distancing TikTok with her, which went viral! It really summed up the community spirit of the time and I still enjoy doing these types of videos with the community to this day.

To keep up with Laura's latest updates, make sure to follow her at @LauraorGil. For more of the best creators and accounts from the TikTok LGBTQ+ community, check out our rundown from Pride 2020 earlier this year.

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