In times of crisis, it’s more important than ever that communities come together to support one another. It’s been incredibly heartwarming to see so many people turning to TikTok to show how they’re helping each other out, whether that’s through delivering groceries to elderly neighbours, clapping for our health care and social care heroes or sending messages of support and solidarity. 

We recently announced a £5m donation to the RCN Foundation to provide emergency funding to hundreds of frontline health and social care workers. Now we're sharing our latest efforts to help more charities and NGOs gain access to the funding they need to support people through the coronavirus pandemic. 

What are TikTok donation stickers?

Today, we’ve introduced Donation Stickers, a new in-app donation feature that creators can include in their videos and livestreams to raise funds for the charities and causes they care most about. 

How do they work?

Available in select countries, Donation Stickers are clickable donation buttons that can be embedded directly in videos and TikTok LIVEs, just like other stickers on the platform. When a user clicks the Donation Sticker, they’ll be guided to a window where they can quickly and easily submit a donation without having to leave the app. Donation Stickers are enabled in-app by Tiltify, a well-established fundraising platform which will process and manage user donations securely. Only users 18+ are able to donate.

The British Red Cross (@BritishRedCross) and Help Musicians (@HelpMusicians) are the first charity beneficiaries in the UK to have dedicated donation stickers - two UK charities that have been delivering critical support to those who have been hugely impacted by this crisis. Creators can now start including them in their videos and livestreams and users can start donating immediately. 

To further support these impacted communities, TikTok will be matching users' donations made through Donation Stickers, beginning from today through to 27 May 2020. Creators will be able to track donations in-app, displaying the biggest contributors and top video and TikTok LIVE contributions that have driven fundraising efforts. The hashtag #doubleyourimpact will automatically be added to videos and TikTok LIVE streams that use the stickers.

We’re hoping to help more organisations access this feature in the coming months, giving more and more users the opportunity to raise funds for the causes they're most passionate about.

TikTok Donation Sticker UK Launch Charities: 

British Red Cross 

For 150 years, the British Red Cross has helped millions of people in the UK and around the world get the support they need if crisis strikes. The charity has helped the nation through its darkest times and coronavirus is no exception. British Red Cross’ ‘Kindness Will Keep Us Together’ campaign reassures the public that although this virus may keep us apart, kindness will keep us together. The charity has seen an outpouring of kindness across the country – they have nearly 100,000 volunteers, with an incredible 81,000 new people signing up within recent weeks. Volunteers are delivering food and medicine to those who need it most, making sure refugees and people seeking asylum are safe, and working with the NHS to support people home from hospital. 

Help Musicians

For nearly 100 years, independent UK charity Help Musicians has provided a broad spectrum of help, support and opportunities to empower professional musicians aged 18+, at any stage of their career, from times of great need to times of opportunity, providing a lifetime of support when it is needed most. And there has never been a need quite like now. Help Musicians recognised quickly that the landscape for musicians was going to be dramatically affected by COVID-19 and worked to create emergency funding and effective music-specific signposting with its partners at Having already received and processed 17,000 applications for its Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund, it is now developing long-term support for the many thousands of musicians left without income streams.

New to TikTok? Getting involved couldn’t be easier - just download the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.