TikTok songs are largely unpredictable - they range from chart toppers to leftfield lo-fi singles to the downright bizarre. Fun bizarre 😜

You may have seen a little ditty called ‘Thank You Baked Potato’ circulating around these parts in recent weeks which certainly falls into the latter category. 

If you’re wondering what on earth it’s all about then you’ve come to the right place.

So, where did the ‘Thank You Baked Potato Song’ come from?

The original version of the song is actually over 20 years old.

Before Matt Lucas rose to prominence as various characters in Little Britain, he played the legendary George Dawes on a quiz show called Shooting Stars, hosted by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. On the show, Dawes (Lucas) famously jammed out on the drumkit, keeping scores for the teams. 🥁

In one round that centred around TV shows and films referencing potatoes (e.g. M*A*S*H), Lucas penned the chart-topper to be. BTW have you seen the original version?

In fact, you can enjoy the return of Little Britain as part of the BBC’s Big Night In, a charity event which found the UK’s leading comedy stars creating sketches from isolation. The evening, which featured appearances from the likes of Peter Kay, Catherine Tate and a surprise appearance from Prince William, raised £27.4 million for vulnerable people in the UK who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Why has it resurfaced NOW?

With the wonders of social media and the faithful cult fandom of Shooting Stars, Lucas was reminded of the 20-year-old sketch by one of his followers. 

Having seen the rightfully serious tone of the government’s advice around protecting ourselves against the spread of Coronavirus, Lucas wanted to create a more light-hearted take that rounded up all the right advice in a fun way.

He took his old song and changed the lyrics to accommodate social distancing guidelines:

“Wash your hands and stay indoors

Thank you Baked Potato

Only visit grocery stores

Thank you Baked Potato”

🎶.    🎶.     🎶

“Keep your distance

Make some space

Thank you Baked Potato

Remember not to touch your face

Thank you Baked Potato”

Lucas posted the video without an agenda for world domination but suddenly the song spread like wildfire. He’s since paired up with the likes of Rick Astley, Gary Barlow and Queen’s Brian May for a performance of the track.

Seeing the popularity of the song build, he released it as an official track sending all proceeds to Feed The NHS, a non-for-profit campaign set up by Lucas alongside actor Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory and LEON CEO John Vincent which “sees the restaurant industry come together to provide meals at cost and deliver them to the hardworking NHS teams on critical care units.” 

Feed The NHS have since raised over £1 million so far, an astounding result! 🌟

This clap-along version of the song became the official anthem of the #ClapForOurCarers campaign on TikTok where we invite people to show their appreciation for our key workers. 👏

How can YOU get involved? 

If you want to follow the baked potato way then getting involved couldn’t be easier. 🥔

You can clap along with the video above or you can use this special version posted by Matt so you can duet with yourself. 👏

Simply tap the share arrow once you’ve loaded the video on TikTok, select duet and sing away!

Not only will your contribution help spread an important message, it also helps to feed those working tirelessly on the frontline.

Not on TikTok yet and looking to get involved? Simply download the app via Google Play, Apple Store or Amazon and set up your account!

Find out more about how TikTok are helping our Health Heroes during Covid-19 here.