Today, TikTok is celebrating previously unknown DJ Regard, who’s song “Ride It” - a remix of Jay Sean’s 2008 - hit shoot to the top of the charts this month.

Kosovo based DJ Regard, real name Darban Aliu, created a remix of the song 2008 “Ride It” and launched his 20-second video version on TikTok earlier this year. Since then, over 4.1M videos were created by TikTok users using his track including a one truly hilarious clip from the singer and songwriter Lewis Capaldi.

Following the success achieved among the TikTok users, Ministry of Sound Recordings (Sony Music UK) signed the artist and released Regard’s version of “Ride It” in July 2019.

In the first week alone, and without any promotion, the track hit 1M Spotify streams. Shortly after, Regard’s track shot into Shazam charts around the world and is now #3 in the U.K. and #5 globally.

Along with the official release of Regard’s “Ride It”, TikTok launched a hashtag challenge under the same name - #rideit.

Jay Sean, creator of the original track said “Ride It has always been a special song for me as it marked the beginning of a new era in my career and defined a style that became my signature sound. It’s resurgence twelve years later through this smooth house mix and TikTok have made it a hit once again!”

“Props to DJ Regard for tastefully reinventing one of the favourite songs, he did a great job at transcending it into a whole other genre without taking away any of the soulfulness and sexiness from the original. It’s been so fun to see it growing around the world.”

“Ride It” has now achieved 25M streams and counting on Spotify, averaging 5,000 a day globally.

Check out some of the best videos from the hashtag challenge below!