Max Klymenko has all the advice you’ll ever need on his page! He works for Accenture as an Economics & Technology Researcher but he also puts out amazing content on his TikTok account where he is a self-described ‘edutainer’ - that’s a mixture of educator and entertainer, of course.

We all face difficult situations, conversations and challenging thoughts day-to-day, whether it’s concerning family, relationships or careers. Max helps his followers to regain control of situations, finesse their persuasion techniques and overall build people’s confidence and understanding of the world around them.

Max loves to educate and all of his videos are bursting with information - backed up by science of course! One thing we all need help with is motivation - it’s difficult to get motivated and even more difficult to stay motivated! But thankfully, Max is here to help. He’s got loads of easy hints and tips to keep on top of that motivation wheel and keep it moving!


you’ve been asking for this for a long time so go to my bio - sincerely hope the full vid helps you 💪 ##productivity ##motivation ##learnontiktok

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Need to persuade your significant other to make you food? Or someone at work to do a task for you? Well, Max might just have the answer! He makes a lot of content to do with getting your own way (sounds ideal right?) but without the nasty manipulation part. It’s all backed up by science - which means it definitely works!


Part 27 - Persuasion Tricks. A good way to remember to make eye contact is to check the eye colour of everyone you meet. ##learnontiktok ##mindtricks

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Max is one of the many recipients in the European TikTok Creator Fund, a $70 million project launched to support the TikTok creative community so talented users can turn their TikTok passions and specialisms into a career. All TikTok creators will be free to apply for this incredible opportunity from Tuesday 1 September so long as they meet the required criteria

We all know it’s important to smile - but did you know that it’s actually a very useful persuasion tactic too? Sounds crazy, but apparently there’s science to back it up too - take a look below for the proof.


Part 24 - Persuasion Tricks. Let’s see if it works with emojis - follow me on IG 😊 😊 😊 ##education ##psychology ##mindtricks ##lifehacks

♬ original sound - Max Klymenko

Science can tell us things about ourselves that we never even knew! Including what your personality trait can tell you about what you’re like to be in a relationship with...but who’s ready to find out?! Some harsh truths may be revealed. 

But it’s not all super intense - there’s also a fun side too! Apparently there’s science to back up even the weirdest things like what your favourite beverage says about you…


Part 19 - Beverage Psychology. Studies find a link between people’s preferences in drinks and their psychological traits. ##education ##psychology

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There is no topic that Max doesn’t cover and he doesn’t only do videos! He’s got his very own podcast as well, so if you’re more of a listener than a visual learner, you can check out his podcast here

And if you’re looking for more incredible educational content like this, there’s plenty more where that came from - download TikTok for free from Google Play, Apple Store or Amazon and get involved in the educational fun today!